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Greenest City 2020 Action Plan 2016-2017 ... - City of Vancouver

Penfold's Roofing converted a number of its vehicles to propane. Espressotec ... the roof will generate enough on-site renewable energy to offset its remaining.

Greenest City 2020 Action Plan - City of Vancouver

The levels of certification offered by LEED are Certified, Silver, Gold, ... protected freshwater lakes in the North Shore mountains and one in Coquitlam provide.

Greenest City 2020 Action Plan - the City's ... - City of Vancouver

Vancouver's electricity is generated in British Columbia—93% of it from renewable sources. ... of these achievements, Vancouver is quickly becoming a new green economy hub. ... Page 60/61, Leaf & Sun, Vanessa Griffiths. • Page 64, Peach ...

Greenest City Implementation Update 2016 - City of Vancouver

8 New green jobs and greening business surveys will be conducted in 2016. ... What's the best place to see spawning salmon in east Vancouver? Still ... to date. Early successes include TSO Logic's data-centre optimization testing, which.

Greenest City Action Plan - City of Vancouver

Cities around the world must show continued leadership to meet the urgent challenge of climate change, and the most impactful ... Program to encourage use of rain barrels for apartments. Complete ... Tori Holmes, Nectar Juicery. GREEN ...

Vancouver Civic Theatres Grant 2020-2022 - City of Vancouver

9 Jul 2019 ... 1,365.00. Vancouver Opera Assn. $ 14,000.00. $. 8,874.46. BC Chinese Music Assn. $ 1,365.00. $. 1,365.00. Sky Theatre Group. $ 17,394.00.

Vancouver 2020: A Bright Green Future - City of Vancouver

Vancouver 2020: A Bright Green Future sets out the broad long-term vision as ... port cooperatives and community economic develop- ment in ... landfill—building materials, furniture, electronics, ... spawning once again in the Coquitlam River.

2020/2021 SCHOLARSHIP PACKAGE - City of Vancouver

Vancouver Police Department scholarships are offered annually by the ... VANCOUVER POLICE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP (Alton Stuart Hann Memorial).

Marpole Oakridge spring and summer 2020 ... - City of Vancouver

Full refunds issued for programs cancelled by the community centre (MOCC) ... licensed summer camp for 3 to 5 year olds. ... continuing education and Langara.

Roundhouse Community Centre winter 2020 ... - City of Vancouver

21 Dec 2019 ... Duane Murrin, Athena Ivison, and Valerie Methot. This new theatre production, with its focus on strengthening response to climate change, will ...

Douglas Community Center Winter 2020 ... - City of Vancouver

and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation ... Yoga: p.29-30 瑜伽 ... Y. O. UTH. After School. Volunteers (Gr 9-12). Dunbar Community Centre is looking.

Spring 2020 Killarney community centre ... - City of Vancouver

Killarney Leisure Pool Schedule: See page 31. Killarney Fitness Centre Schedules: See pages 56 & 57. Wireless Internet Access: Killarney Community Centre ...

2020 Development building permit fees - City of Vancouver


2020-2024 Budget Outlook PDF file - City of Vancouver

Keep property tax and user fees affordable and competitive ... ensuring a balanced operating budget and keeping property tax and fees at an ... City of Burnaby.

2020 Indigenous Healing and Wellness Grants ... - City of Vancouver

29 Nov 2019 ... ... brushing off, sweat lodge, medicine picking and other traditional practices. WHAT PROGRAM ASPECTS OR ACTIVITIES CAN BE FUNDED?

Kensington Spring Summer 2020 Brochure - City of Vancouver

WEEK 2 - Crazy Concoctions: Kerrisdale WEEK 6 - Fun in the Sun: Maple Grove. Play Palace and Science World. Pool and Gray's Park Day. M Tu W Th F Jul ...

Kerrisdale Spring Recreation Guide 2020 - City of Vancouver

Sign up at [email protected] or call. 604-331-3690. Badminton. 13-18 yrs. There is no formal instruction, but the instructor will advise ...

Spring 2020 recreation guide - Westend, Barclay ... - City of Vancouver

With spectacular views of the North Shore mountains and Coal Harbour marina, this ... herbs, tomatoes, and carrots starting ... the powerful and the rebellious.

Renfrew Park recreation guide winter 2020 - City of Vancouver

Please see page 29 for Pool and Fitness Holiday and Special Hours. Contact ... adult. Accompanying adults may attend this event for free. There will be.

Draft 2020 budget and five year financial plan ... - City of Vancouver

Coquitlam. Vancouver. Average. Richmond. Surrey. North Vancouver (District). Port Moody ... to support the budget, then divides the property tax levy by the ...

Draft 2020 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan - City of Vancouver

28 Nov 2019 ... $2,016. $173. 9.4%. Reconciliation Adjustments to Annual Financial Statements (2): ... the long-standing tradition of providing a destination site for festivals, ... ocean wise fish, vegetarian tacos, plant-based products and fresh ...

Kitsilano Community Centre winter spring 2020 ... - City of Vancouver

11 Jan 2020 ... are available at Hillcrest and Sunset rinks. Fitness Centre Hours ... bubbles and jumping galore, your child ... on training at Granville Park Lawn.

Winter 2020 recreation guide - Westend, Barclay ... - City of Vancouver

modern hits, Disney and Broadway. Sing ... All levels are welcome and basic ice skat- ... Ice Rink.) Skates are included in fees. Some equipment is available.

Winter Spring 2020 Hillcrest final draft - City of Vancouver

12 Dec 2019 ... ice rinks. Some conditions apply. If you need to adjust, correct or refund ... bubble time and much more. ... Granville Park Lawn Bowling Club.

Vancouver City Center Vision & Subarea Plan - City of Vancouver

Adopted June 18, 2007, by Vancouver City Council: Mayor Royce E. Pollard, ... Kinkos. ParkingStructure. Offices. KirklandUnionPlaza. Vericast. Parking. Parking.

Vancouver City Planning Commission - 2018 a ... - City of Vancouver

grounds of the former Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam. The program ... table lead, Penny Kerrigan, from the former Urban Indigenous ... and day-care for children, a gym, hobby and club rooms, and a drop-in lounge where coffee is available.

vancouver landfill 2017 annual report march 2018 - City of Vancouver

The Landfill is authorized to accept up to 750,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) for disposal each year. ... Table 10: 2016 & 2017 Operational and Maintenance Expenditures . ... agreements with Delta and Metro Vancouver in 2037 formed the basis for fill planning, ... Spring Clean Up in May, where residents can.

East Kent Avenue South Vancouver, British ... - City of Vancouver

28 Sep 2016 ... Preliminary Desktop Geotechnical Report for 3010 E Kent Ave South. Vancouver, B.C. ... OF TilE I.ANl TITLE ACT . THIS t.'>t"" DAY DF ~. • !99G ...

Vancouver Homeless Count 2019 final report - City of Vancouver

This year, the Vancouver Homeless Count was conducted in collaboration with Lu'ma Native Housing Society, the. Aboriginal Homelessness Steering Committee ...

Sport Hosting Vancouver - progress report 2018 - City of Vancouver

1 Jun 2018 ... 2018 Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships. • 2019 International Skating Union (ISU) Grand Prix Final. • 2019 IIHF Junior ...

Vancouver Homeless Count 2018 final report - City of Vancouver

26 Jul 2018 ... As an extra life-saving measure, additional warming centres opened in City-run facilities on the coldest nights. Addressing Indigenous ...

2016 Creative Spark Vancouver Grant Allocation ... - City of Vancouver

29 Mar 2017 ... 2016 Creative Spark Vancouver Applicant Project Information ... I will transport the work to The Roundhouse for the festival. Viewers will be ...

Overview of Vancouver's short-term rental market - City of Vancouver

number of short-term rental listings continues to grow despite the fact that City ... listings in Vancouver: Craigslist, Roomorama and Vancouver Dream Rentals, ...

Culture Plan for Vancouver 2008 – 2018 final - City of Vancouver

Photo: David Cooper. Vancouver New Music, AudioCubes workshop led by Bert Schiettecatte and. Kim Cascone at VIVO Media Arts Studio. Photo: Heather ...

Vancouver Fire Rescue Services guide for ... - City of Vancouver

16 Jan 2020 ... VFRS only recruits for the position of entry level career Firefighter. Recruitment numbers are based on attrition of current members and thus hiring ...

Vancouver Music Strategy - Interim Report - City of Vancouver

10 Jul 2018 ... Work on the Music Strategy began in the summer of 2016, and while there are ... Rock the Shores, and The Phillips Backyard Weekender and.

Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver ... - City of Vancouver

28 Feb 2017 ... Take Down Finish: 02/28/2017 at 10:00 PM. Activities: The Grand Opening of Trump Vancouver will be a full day event starting with Media and ...

Vancouver 2016 Capital and Operating Budget - City of Vancouver

17 Nov 2015 ... I'm pleased to present the 2016 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan. ... By legislation, the City is prohibited from running a deficit in its operating budget ... magazines, full-colour digital replicas of print titles such as National ...

Presentation - Vancouver Music Strategy: 2018 ... - City of Vancouver

10 Jul 2018 ... Kelly Tweeddale – Vancouver Symphony. Orchestra. Hal Beckett - Composer. Graham Blank - Tom Lee Music. Ryan Boelstler – Brand/Digital.

Sport Hosting Vancouver Action Plan - City of Vancouver

9 Nov 2015 ... The Calgary Sport Council. The Calgary Sport Tourism. Authority. WinSport Canada. Calgary Booster Club. Calgary High School Sports ...

Draft Vancouver Cultural Infrastructure Plan - City of Vancouver

3 Sep 2019 ... for Arts and. Culture. Draft Vancouver Cultural Infrastructure Plan ... The Eastside Culture Crawl is an annual festival where art studios are.

2019 Housing Vancouver Annual Progress ... - City of Vancouver

2 Apr 2019 ... Housing Vancouver Targets: 72,000 New Homes. 5,200. 1,600 ... out of reach for local incomes; eastside condo prices have increased 5.7% in ...

Bulletin - Open air fires Vancouver Fire and ... - City of Vancouver

20 Feb 2014 ... Before a permit is issued for an open air fire, the applicant should consider measures in the prevention of fire spread. These include sufficient ...

Report - Vancouver Symphony Society: 2019 ... - City of Vancouver

11 Dec 2019 ... Vancouver Symphony Society 2019/2020 to 2022/2023 Pilot Multi-year ... days set out in the Schedule “A” to the Theatre License Agreement.

Stability in Vancouver's Housing Unit Occupancy - City of Vancouver

2 Feb 2016 ... Ecotagious helps utilities and municipalities turn smart meter data into insights and energy conservation. In addition to helping municipalities ...

2018 Vancouver Landfill Annual Report - City of Vancouver

28 Mar 2019 ... Vancouver Landfill via the regional transfer stations, to the Waste-to-Energy ... use in the construction of the new Coquitlam Transfer Station, ...

Designation of Vancouver-Kingsway as Vietnam ... - City of Vancouver

23 May 2012 ... and a few street signs along a small portion of Kingsway. ... The "Little Saigon" a proposal was put to us by the Vietnamese ... presence of a desirable community; many of the beauty salons, restaurants, and markets, are.

Vancouver Waterfront Inventory (2011) - City of Vancouver

Additional information is included in Section K, the Appendix. Burrard Inlet. False Creek. Fraser River. English Bay. Inventory Segments along Vancouver's ...

Vancouver investigates Kitsilano apartment ... - City of Vancouver

5 Jan 2017 ... City Hall 453 West 12th Avenue Vancouver BC V5Y 1V4 ... For access to apartment building, you can contact the concierge ... 11950 - 80th Ave, Delta, V4C 1 Y2 ... using traditional methods such as Craigslist.

Consulting Services for Vancouver Fire and ... - City of Vancouver

12 Dec 2017 ... Operations Review of Fire and Rescue Services. City of Vancouver, British Columbia. Table of Contents. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS .

Final Submissions of the Vancouver Police ... - City of Vancouver

1 Jun 2012 ... L. Hells Angels, Cover-Ups and Other Such Allegations . ... is after the woman gets in the car, and the john drives her to some other location. ... and Marion Bryce had with a 911 operator was recovered and indicated a very.

Vancouver Dialogues: First Nations, Urban ... - City of Vancouver

Original photography: Alejandro Zuluaga. Copyright 2011. ... and Photo Credits / 61 ... program dedicated to bringing hip hop performances and workshops into.

Happy Holidays from the Vancouver Aquarium - City of Vancouver

19 Oct 2015 ... I am responding to your request of January 19, 2017 for: All emails from and to Sarah Kirby-Yung and John Coupar with the Vancouver.

funds or services given to the Vancouver Pride ... - City of Vancouver

29 Jan 2018 ... Vancouver for each of the following years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and anything slated for ... 2014 Pride Parade 2014 Entrance Fee. 2014/04/ ...

Vancouver's role, from Provincial to International ... - City of Vancouver

The city of Vancouver has a population of 631,486 making it the largest of the 22 ... Source: Statistics Canada, Population and Dwelling Count Highlight Tables, 2016 Census ... are Kelowna (127,380), Kamloops (90,280), Nanaimo. (90,504) ...

Certified Architect Professionals Vancouver - City of Vancouver

4 Sep 2019 ... Capital Architects, Washington Corporation. 425-317-8017 [email protected] Michael Apostolides, Architect AIBC. B H Architects.

Vancouver Chinatown Merchants Association - City of Vancouver

10 Mar 2017 ... Floata Seafood Restaurant (#400 -180 Keefer Street, Vancouver). $35 per ticket ($35 x I ... If you have any questions, please contact our vice president, Mr. Jun lng ... Name: Vancouver Chinatown Merchants Assn. Attn: Daniel Ho ... Reception at 5:30p.m. at Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre.

Vancouver Street Tree List - City of Vancouver

all. June Snow Dogwood. Cornus contoroversa. June Snow. 30. 40 layered/spreading large white flowers; red fall color, fast growing well drained. Eddie's White ...

BC may pull Vancouver as a potential FIFA ... - City of Vancouver

Subject: CKNW- Lynda Steele Show. Hey Mary. Michelle just did a phone interview for CKNW- 'Steele of Approval' for the Lynda Steele Show. Will air tonight.

Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation ... - City of Vancouver

Fitness certification with a personal training (or equivalent) emphasis with one of the following approved organizations: ACE, ACSM, BCRPA, BCAK, CanFit Pro, ...