design and evaluation of semantic mood models ... - Semantic Scholar

sic mood models relying on metadata extracted from over. 180,000 production ... mender generates tracks that closely match a seed track according to mood.

design and evaluation of semantic mood models ... - Semantic Scholar - Related Documents

design and evaluation of semantic mood models ... - Semantic Scholar

sic mood models relying on metadata extracted from over. 180,000 production ... mender generates tracks that closely match a seed track according to mood.

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy David D ... - Semantic Scholar

Download Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy Ebooks David D. Burns, PDF Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy Popular Download, Read Online Feeling ...

Models of memory - Semantic Scholar

as the Modal Model for Memory (Murdock, 1967; see also Izawa, 1999), the distinction between a. Short-Term Store (STS) and a Long-Term Store. (LTS) was ...

The Man-hour Estimation Models & Its ... - Semantic Scholar

interim products both reliably and accurately, three models for man-hour estimation are proposed in this paper. They are. Simple Linear Regression Model and ...

Theories, Models, and Recommendations to ... - Semantic Scholar Sell, R., & Leistritz, F. L. (1997). Socioeconomic impacts of school consolidation on ...

Analysis of SDLC Models - Semantic Scholar

5 Feb 2016 ... Keywords: SDLC, Waterfall, Iterative, Spiral, RAD, Agile, Lean, Big Bang Model, Prototype. 1. ... Software development Life Cycle models.

Absence-of-Double Coincidence Models of Money - Semantic Scholar

a medium of exchange is the result of an absence of double coincidence of wants. The model can account for two of the most challenging observations facing.

Latent goal models for dynamic strategic ... - Semantic Scholar

11 Mar 2019 ... go beyond the borders of the screen, and the “goalie” monkey's joystick controlled the move- ment of the bar, which was similarly unconstrained ...

Customer Involvement-Based Business Models - Semantic Scholar

23 May 2017 ... Etsy, therefore, has an affiliate program where they pay certain affiliates a provision for concluded transactions by customers after visiting.


Animal Feed Science and Technology197:1–33. Martin V., Saybian, M. and Matt, S. (2013). Worm bin under chicken coop to catch droppings.


FWSEP value is calculated for an increasing number of latent variables. Next, the RMSEP value is plotted as a function of latent variables included in the model.

DECI-2 Evaluation - Semantic Scholar

commented that the process made reporting to IDRC easier. DECI-2, like its ... and runs from 2013 to 2018. INASSA ... UFE reports and/or ResCom reports. 4.

Towards Net Zero: An Evaluation of Building ... - Semantic Scholar

Figure 1: Whitehorse House Heating Load Requirements. Figure 2: Toronto ... realtors websites including Property Guys ( cited Nov. 13th.

Temporal models of streaming social media data - Semantic Scholar

for streaming user generated social media data which incorporate the temporal com- ... ufc. 0.704. UFC Fight for the Troops show cameras spotted. 0.668. LG G-Slate tablet camera spotted ... Resources and Evaluation, 47(1):195–215, 2013.

Applied Linear Regression Models free epub ... - Semantic Scholar

Applied Linear Regression Models. John Neter William Wasserman Michael H Kutner syllabus for applied linear statistical models 26:960:577 - Rutgers.

Evaluation of an At-Home-Use Prostate ... - Semantic Scholar

Abstract: Introduction: Treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in men due to benign prostatic hyperplasia. (BPH) or chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic ...

Productive and Reproductive Evaluation of ... - Semantic Scholar

Twenty multiparous cows from 2 genotypes were used c1: 100% Holstein ... which have completed their productive and reproductive life at the rodeo, with a ...

Psychometric evaluation of the Self-Appraisal ... - Semantic Scholar

Questionnaire (SAQ, Loza, 2005), professionals relied on clinical judgment and measures ... identify subjects who are more inclined to commit a new crime, and thereby ... participants was 36.4 years (SD = 9.7, ranging from 19 to 66 years).


and the combat unit commanders from the Canadian Forces Base Valcartier, ... Physical training is done daily with regularity and consists of running and gym.

A Microbiological Evaluation on the Ready-To ... - Semantic Scholar

Key Words: Donair, microbiological quality, contamination sources, ready to eat meat, kebab. INTRODUCTION. Donair is a traditional Turkish meat dish, which is ...

Keewatin Ice Sheet—Re-evaluation of the ... - Semantic Scholar

that (1) ice never flowed from Hudson Bay into Keewatin in the region ... 63-77. Cunningham, C. M., and Shilts, W. W., 1977,. Surficial geology of the Baker Lake ...

A Narrative Approach to the Evaluation of ... - Semantic Scholar

DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY. WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY. WATERLOO, ON N2L 3C5 CANADA. We present the findings of a narrative approach to ...


This involves measuring the torsional vibration of free, square plates. The proposed equation to calculate modulus of rigidity was found to agree within i 5% of the ...

A Performance Evaluation of RPL in Contiki - Semantic Scholar

The WSN operating system Contiki and the Simulation tool Cooja used in this study have been ... 4,” in Workshop on On-Body Sensing, Osaka, Japan, 2005.

Use of Panoramic radiographs for evaluation of ... - Semantic Scholar

The most commonly used diagnostic aids used in orthodontics are the lateral cephalogram and the Panoramic Radiograph (OPG). While the lateral ...


17 oct. 2008 ... Québec à Rimouski une licence non exclusive d'utilisation et de publication de la totalité ... peaux ont été vendues (Canac-Marquis, 1995).

evaluation and testing of several free/open ... - Semantic Scholar

ABSTRACT. Web Vulnerability Scanners (WVSs) are software tools for identifying ... WebGoat [17], but their design is focused more on teaching web application ...

Cross-Platform Evaluation of Mobile App ... - Semantic Scholar

The choice of the mobile platforms are Android, iOS and Windows. Phone 7. ... party repositories over which the vendor has no control. In order to make sure, ...

An evaluation of a post-colonial critique of ... - Semantic Scholar

The Black Speech has been tabooed in the West, so much so that even the name 'Mordor' is a Sindarin name, meaning 'Black Land' (Carpenter & Tolkien. 1995 ...

Évaluation des coûts et éléments d'efficacité du ... - Semantic Scholar

distribuer et vendre des thèses partout dans le monde, à des fins commerciales ou autres, sur ... Supeudol 10 mg______. Gravol 50 mg________. Gravol 100 ...

ZumBeat: Evaluation of a Zumba Dance ... - Semantic Scholar

25 Jan 2016 ... Pudel, D.; Westenhöfer, J. Fragebogen zum Essverhalten (FEV), Handanweisung; Hogrefe: Göttingen, Geramny, 1989. 59. Craig, P.; Dieppe, P.

Evaluation of a Workplace Treadmill Desk ... - Semantic Scholar

Pennington Biomedical Research Center's Institutional Review Board ... market (e.g., Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit ≈ $700.00, LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 ≈ $1,500).

evaluation of the water retention behaviour of ... - Semantic Scholar

Geosynthetic clay liners (GCL) are a composite material commonly used as ... of GCL hydration from subsoil, 61st Canadian Geotechnical Conf., Edmonton.

Evaluation of Asana, Odoo, and ProjectLibre ... - Semantic Scholar

Keywords: Open Source Project Management Tools, Asana, Odoo, ProjectLibre, OSSpal. Abstract: In order to successfully complete projects it is essential for ...

An Evaluation of the Hamilton Good Shepherd ... - Semantic Scholar

Few participants believed that the service should be changed at the Good Shepherd Venture Centre. A very small number of participants suggested that ...

A Re-evaluation ofGuedel's Stages of Anesthesia - Semantic Scholar

relates to ambulatory anesthesia for short dental procedures. Stage I (Analgesia). The patient descends, from an awake state at the start of induction, into ...