Memorandum - City of Richmond

10 Jun 2015 ... to the roof ridge for an accessory building with a pitched roof, and 3.0 m for an accessory building with a flat roof. ... two projects - Laurelwood and Maple Lane. There were no ... built after the year 2008

Memorandum - City of Richmond - Related Documents

Memorandum - City of Richmond

10 Jun 2015 ... to the roof ridge for an accessory building with a pitched roof, and 3.0 m for an accessory building with a flat roof. ... two projects - Laurelwood and Maple Lane. There were no ... built after the year 2008

City of Richmond Master Plan - City of Richmond, Virginia

6 Nov 2000 ... It is also within minutes of the Richmond International Airport, and will soon have regional ... pooling, transit fare coupons, transit and ride sharing priority. •. Other Roadway ... In the most extreme cases where a mixture of.

City of Richmond Recreation Park Rules and ... - City of Richmond, MI

body of water which is designated as an aquatic area by the. Recreation Director. ... restrictions only with regard to the time, place and manner of activity to be ...

The Town of Richmond Hill 2016 Citizen Survey - City of Richmond ...

Satisfaction with Various Aspects of Service Delivery by Access Richmond Hill . ... the Richmond Hill bulletin board in the Liberal newspaper, as well as Town ...

2010-2011 annual report richmond gateway ... - City of Richmond

9 Jan 2012 ... 6500 Gilbert Road, Richmond, British Columbia. Canada V7C ... In February, Sexy Laundry by Vancouver writer Michele Riml heated up the Studio Series and was so popular that we ... Mad Greek Restaurant. The Marriott ...

final report of the richmond airport noise citizens ... - City of Richmond

The Task Force also recognizes that Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is ... Richmond as identified on Vancouver Terminal Area (VTA) charts to include: a.

Richmond Gateway Theatre Society annual ... - City of Richmond

2 • Richmond Gateway Theatre Society Annual Report 2016/2017 ... and it was also invited to be remounted at the prestigious National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

Richmond Seniors Services 2016 Update - City of Richmond

2 Jun 2017 ... in 2015 to 501 in 2016. Examples of out trips include the Sandcastle Competition in Parksville, Demi High. Tea at Neverland, Cleverland Dam ...

Doors Open Richmond 2015 Map Brochure - City of Richmond

6 Jun 2015 ... Richmond. Richmond Heritage Commission. Richmond Public Art Program. MURRICK INSURANCE. SERVICES LIMITED. SPONSORED BY.

Richmond Zoning Bylaw 8500, Amendment ... - City of Richmond

13 Mar 2018 ... The Council of the City of Richmond, in open meeting assembled, enacts as follows: 1. Richmond Zoning Bylaw 8500, as amended, is further ...

richmond recycling & garbage collection guide - City of Richmond

Please recycle them at Richmond Recycling Depot at. 5555 Lynas Lane. Flexible plastic packaging such as ziplock bags, crinkly wrappers, woven and net plastic ...

2019 Doors Open Richmond Map Brochure - City of Richmond

1 Jun 2019 ... 3811 Moncton Street. Steveston Tram ... Finn Road Studio and Garden. 9811 Finn Road ... Visit our new Zen Antiques and. Collectibles shop ...

A Historical Timeline of Richmond Agriculture - City of Richmond

1877– The Manoah Steves family settles the area now known as Steveston. ... and Hugh Boyd, the first warden, were farmers. 1881– Manoah Steeves imports.

needs assessment for the richmond public library - City of Richmond ...

65,300 square feet to meet the library service needs of Richmond residents through the ... The Library Commission is a citizen's advisory group that makes ...

Application by First Richmond North Shopping ... - City of Richmond

2 Oct 2013 ... to 4740 Garden City Road and 9040 to 9500 Alexandra Road in order to ... including the creation of an urban village retail/commercial centre in the ... Application at 9440, 9480, and 9500 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC.

Richmond Community Wellness Strategy - City of Richmond

7 Sep 2006 ... Vern Jacques, Acting Director, Parks & Recreation Dept., Richmond. • Lucy Tompkins ... Alan Hill, Cultural Diversity Coordinator, Richmond Community Services Dept. • Carol Lepine ... Christine Bradstock, 2010 Legacies Now.

Richmond Art Gallery Collections Policy - City of Richmond

1 Jun 2017 ... $140,000 Port Alberni. BC. 2016 Steel ... Chou, Koko;. Cran ... Doris Wood of Port Moody, BC, and valued at the time of purchase as $26,000.

Richmond Fair Rent, Just Cause for Eviction, and ... - City of Richmond

25 Feb 2016 ... measure, and Statement of Proponent that was filed February 25, 2016. The proposed initiative is entitled: "Richmond Fair Rent, Just Cause for ...

needs assessment for the richmond public library - City of Richmond

Additional information about library service needs was obtained from the National. Citizen Survey conducted for the City of Richmond by the National Research ...

Richmond's Suburban History Report - City of Richmond

Wartime Housing Plan to provide accommodation for workers from the ... open spaces for warehouses, storage space, industry, and other land consuming uses.

Richmond Field Sport Strategy - City of Richmond

youth baseball and football and adult fast pitch softball have experienced considerable decline in participation. Other sports such as girls soccer, ladies.

Richmond Detachment Strategic Plan - City of Richmond

Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Richmond Detachment and the City of ... 19 RCMP infoweb, ...

Richmond's Walking Guide Book - City of Richmond

This project was funded in part by a grant from the Union of British Columbia ... Francis Road. Williams Road. Steveston Highway. Sh e ll R o a d. Tra il. Shell Road T rail. H ig h w a ... Garden City Park parking lot one block east of Garden City ...

Richmond Child Care Needs Assessment and ... - City of Richmond

17 Dec 2009 ... PROPOSED 2009-2016 CHILD CARE STRATEGY FOR THE CITY OF ... In Metro Vancouver municipalities such as the City of Richmond, the cost of ... A fair and equitable funding program has been established to support ...

the View from Richmond's First High-Rise ... - City of Richmond

... the construction of Richmond's first high-rise buildings, the 17-storey Park Towers complex ... watermain on the river bed to supply water from Lulu Island to.

richmond olympic oval corporation - City of Richmond

20 Apr 2017 ... Rhythmic Gymnastics, Brazilian Soccer School, Connaught Figure Skating Club, DRIVE Basketball,. Greater Vancouver Canadians, Kajaks ...

Richmond Oval Art Plan - City of Richmond

25 Apr 2006 ... Commission, the Cannon design team, the Musqueam First Nation and ... Musqueam representatives to the Public Art Work ... on the lawn. July.

the richmond olympic oval - City of Richmond

18 May 2017 ... yoga class, beach volleyball, food trucks and an outdoor screen- ing of a movie at dusk, ran on the Oval's Olympic Riverside Plaza from July 10 ...

Richmond Farm Economics - City of Richmond

3 Since 1985, Langley Township, Pitt Meadows, and Maple Ridge have joined the GVRD (the ... Richmond's farmers market their produce in a variety of ways.

Richmond Child of the Fraser - City of Richmond

terested in the early history of Richmond, British Columbia. G.J. Blair. MAYOR ... of a mother-child, they had made their choice, and now bereft of food and stricken with ... Fuca, a Greek pilot, which were recorded in 1596 by Michael Lok, an.

New Records at the Richmond Archives ... - City of Richmond

24 Jul 2015 ... One of the top news stories for Richmondites in 2015 was the end of the local newspaper the Richmond Review. The Review began life in ...

Fast Facts About Richmond - City of Richmond

3 Dec 1990 ... Vancouver International Airport located in Richmond ... Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Richmond Asia Pacific Business Association.

Dog Off-Leash Areas in Richmond - City of Richmond

2 Oct 2015 ... That the designated dog off leash area pilot project at 7300 Elmbridge Way continue on an annual basis subject to future potential redevelopment ...

richmond riverfront plan - City of Richmond

4 Sep 2012 ... Mark A. Olinger, Director. Douglas ... A fundamental objective of the Riverfront Plan is to work around the barrier of the CSX viaduct to open up ... A floating dock could be attached parallel to the front of the Warehouse. Dock ...

Richmond's Suburban History - City of Richmond

Richmond; as well the BC Electric Railway connected this area to both ... Building Corporation to become the Richmond Gardens ... the Town Centre planning area, and included Minoru Park and the ... large commercial cities. As these ...

City of Richmond - Lets Talk Richmond

17 Sep 2018 ... The City's 2019 water and sanitary sewer utility rates are based on Metro ... bylaws to provide for the discount incentive while ensuring ...