GLOBAL VIOLENT DEATHS 2017 Report - Small Arms Survey

22 Dec 2017 ... Violent deaths in 2016: the most-affected countries ... Jamaica exhibited the highest violent death rate among women and girls in 2016: ... 2015 (or latest available data point in 2015) 2016 (or latest available data point in 2016).

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GLOBAL VIOLENT DEATHS 2017 Report - Small Arms Survey

22 Dec 2017 ... Violent deaths in 2016: the most-affected countries ... Jamaica exhibited the highest violent death rate among women and girls in 2016: ... 2015 (or latest available data point in 2015) 2016 (or latest available data point in 2016).

The Central African Republic and Small Arms - Small Arms Survey

Small Arms Survey, Graduate Institute of International and Development. Studies ... bolt-action Mousquetons, first produced in the 19th century (SHAT, 1963, pp.

Producers of Small Arms, Light Weapons, and ... - Small Arms Survey

Canada, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, the United ... b Colt Canada Corporation is a subsidiary of Colt's Manufacturing Company LLC (USA). c General ...

Trade Update 2017 - Small Arms Survey

10 Sep 2017 ... the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia ... efforts to regulate and monitor the international arms trade, as well as measures to.

WEAPONS COMPASS Report - Small Arms Survey

Despite increased global international attention to small arms-related issues since the beginning of the century, there has been only limited progress in states' ...

Special report PNG 14_06 - Small Arms Survey

9 Jul 2001 ... Automatic: A firearm capable of automatic, 'machine gun' fire. ... To date, the main effect of machine guns in the Southern ... Poiya, Johnny.

Small Arms in Brazil - Small Arms Survey

6 Politics from the Barrel of a Gun: Small Arms Proliferation and Conflict in the ... 4 A Fragile Peace: Guns and Security in Post-conflict Macedonia, by Suzette R. ... handguns and long arms, CBC produces 11 models of shotgun and six mod- ... gal entities) collected in the public security secretariats of each Brazilian state.

Weapons Identification: Small-calibre Ammunition - Small Arms Survey

Modern small-calibre car- tridges are generally comprised of: 1. A projectile, or bullet, which is fired from the gun. It typically consists of a. 'core' and 'jacket ...

The Headstamp Trail: An Assessment of Small ... - Small Arms Survey

Governments of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, ... The FN Herstal and supposed Hirtenberger 7.62 × 51 mm cartridges are both.

Improvised and Craft-produced Small - Small Arms Survey

4 Nov 2018 ... Cover photo: A craft-produced sub-machine gun with an improvised suppressor design, produced by P.A. Luty in the United ... 3 Transfers of craft-produced firearms across borders. 49 ... (designed for underwater fishing) and some pneumatic weapons. ... 'Cresce em BH a apreensão de arma artisanal.

SIG 500 series - Small Arms Survey

Calibre. SG540/543/550/551/552/553: 5.56 x 45 mm. SG542: 7.62 x 51 mm length (stock extended/folded). SG540: 950/720 mm. SG542: 1,000/754 mm.

Behind the Curve - Small Arms Survey

24 Jan 2015 ... received from the Governments of Canada, France, Spain, and Sweden. The ... The Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) programme . ... nance Works, the HCAR, reportedly uses SLS for at least some of its furni-.

Kalashnikov AK-47 - Small Arms Survey

Kalashnikov AK-47 (& close derivatives). □ TYPE: ASSAULT RIFLE □ ALSO REFERRED TO AS: KALASHNIKOV/AK. Model illustrated: AK-47, Bulgaria.

Small Arms Survey 2002

30 Mar 2001 ... Norinco earned a total of USD 12 billion from arms sales, peaking at USD ... The SIG-Sauer 9mm P226 Pistol, of which more than 400,000 have ...

Beyond Blue Helmets - Small Arms Survey

29 Mar 2019 ... (MPOME) project, with support from the Governments of Canada and Sweden. Promoting Weapons and Ammunition. Management in Non-UN ...

Chambering the Next Round - Small Arms Survey

10 Feb 2016 ... 19. 2 Recoil impulse of selected small-calibre cartridges. 28 ... US GAU-19 and GAU-21 machine guns.49 Ground platforms, often overloaded.

armed and aimless - Small Arms Survey

and Small Arms in the Mano River Union (MRU). By Christina Wille ... Al-Sunna Wal Jamma (Followers of the Prophet) (also known as 'Taleban') . . 339. ARMED ...

From Replica to Real - Small Arms Survey

10 Feb 2015 ... Table 1 Select blank-firing weapons, listed by manufacturer ... and catastrophic damage to the gun ... <

Colt M1911 - Small Arms Survey

M1911-A1, United states. – Colt Manufacturing. – CZ-UsA (Dan Wesson). – Kimber Manufacturing. – springfield Armories. – Various smaller entities. • M1911-A1 ...

Weapons Identification - Small Arms Survey

37 Recent combat experience has resulted in a limited return to more powerful, medium-range, self- loading and automatic infantry rifles (often called ...

weapons & markets - Small Arms Survey

cific rifle, FN Herstal's 5.56mm FNC (Fabrique. Nationale ... ers house the gun's moving parts and usually ... ers and recoilless rifles, which fire unguided.

missing pieces - Small Arms Survey

2. CONTROLLING. SUPPLY. 3. SURVIVORS. 4. GENDER. 5. WEAPONS. REDUCTION. 6 ... small arms control (Missing Pieces) identifies a number of areas where ... Weiss, Taya ( ), Guns in the Borderlands: Reducing the Demand for ...

Missing Missiles - Small Arms Survey

2 Jun 2015 ... Acquisition of even moderate quantities of operational FN-6 MANPADS by armed groups would pose an immediate threat to Libyan aircraft and a ...

Kalashnikov AKM(& close derivatives) - Small Arms Survey

It differs from the AK-47 in having a pressed, rather than forged, receiver. This feature is visible in the number of rivets on the sides of the receiver. The weapon is ...

السياسة بوسائل أخرى - Small Arms Survey

<ﺻﮭد-اﻟﻟﺟﻧﺔ-اﻷﻣﻧﯾﺔ-ﻓﺷﻟت-ﻓﻲ-اﻟﺳﯾطرة ...

In Transit: Gangs and Criminal Networks in ... - Small Arms Survey

18 Feb 2012 ... 11. A Working Paper of the Small Arms Survey ... killing 11 people (Stabroek News, 2008b; Economist, 2008). The following months would prove ... been commensurate with its strength; today, however, the force's 1,100 troops.

School Associated Violent Deaths - ERIC

26 Feb 2010 ... A school-associated violent death is any homicide, suicide, ... In some instances, persons were killed in drive-by shootings, gang ... then shot by senior student Scott Pennington, 17 ... shot by classmate Gile W., 15, with whom Sims had been ... unreleased cause of death, though police stated death as.

Violent Deaths and Enforced Disappearances During the ... - HRDAG

26 Jan 2009 ... from the Tribune newspaper in Punjab from 1988 ... “An End to Separatist Fighting Spurs Sikh Hopes,” The Guardian (London), June 9, 1994, p.

Violent Deaths in Oregon: 2005 - CBS News

violent deaths in oregon: 2005 3 recommendations x 7udlq khdowk fduh surylghuv wr vfuhhq dqg uhihu lqglylgxdov dw ulvn iru vxlflgh x,qfuhdvh vfuhhqlqj dqg wuhdwphqw ri roghu dgxowv iru ghsuhvvlrq ...


4 Nov 2017 ... IN THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR SPORTS LEAGUES ... havE a DREaM OF ... The NWSL is run by the United States Soccer Federation, ...

2015 Small Business Credit Survey: Report on Nonemployer Firms

the experiences of nonemployers from small employer firms, which may differ significantly. The 2015 Small Business Credit Survey. (SBCS) helps to address ...

Global Petroleum Survey, 2017 - Fraser Institute

7 Nov 2017 ... Figure 3 shows the principal focus of the petroleum exploration and devel- opment activities of ... in various jurisdictions. The factors were unchanged from the 2016 survey. ... Policy from the University of Calgary. Prior to join-.

Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017 -

over – customer value will become the core focus. OEMs have to decide whether they want to be a contract manufacturer or a customer-centric service provider ...

global survey report - the United Nations

national workshop gathering twelve UN entities working on youth issues, Government and youth ... with the percentage of DaO UNCTs worldwide (44% in 2016).

GDS2017 - key findings report - Global Drug Survey

24 May 2017 ... GDS is an independent global drug use data exchange hub that conducts university ethics approved, anonymous on- line surveys. We ...

2017 Survey report on Business Travel in China 2017 ... - CTW Events

arm of global travel management company Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) - ... This year, the survey also explored the trend of “bleisure” travel – trips that.