AF Plus Filter cartridge - Lenntech

Mega-Pure Advantage AF Series of filter cartridges meets or exceeds the requirements for the filtration of UHP liquids used in the fabrication of state-of-the-art ...

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AF Plus Filter cartridge - Lenntech

Mega-Pure Advantage AF Series of filter cartridges meets or exceeds the requirements for the filtration of UHP liquids used in the fabrication of state-of-the-art ...

Fulflo Probond Filter Cartridge - Lenntech

Due to the variety of operating conditions and applications for these products or systems, the user, through its own analysis and testing, is solely responsible for ...

Hytrex Depth Cartridge Filters - Lenntech

The purity and reliability of Hytrex* cartridge filters. (Figure 1) ensure consistent results, time after time. Thermally bonded micro fibers create a strong.

Selex Depth Cartridge Filters - Lenntech

exceptional purity, and continuous, weld free lengths up to 40 inches (101.6 cm). ... pore size micron ratings: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 microns. Tables 1, 2, 3 and 4 ...

3M Housings ME Series for Single Cartridge Filters - Lenntech

... representative for any other classification or further information. Table 1: Housing Specifications. Housing Type. 01 MEB. 01 MEC. 01 MES. 01 MET. Inlet/outlet.

Sediment Filter Cartridge

Rainfresh CF3 sediment filter cartridge is specifically designed for general household applications where coarse filtration of sediment and particulate matter (dirt, ...

everpure® 4fc filter cartridge - Pentair


How To Find A Filter Cartridge Replacement - Unicel Filters

Hot Springs Spas/Watkins Mfg. (Model FH/IH. (220 volt)). C-5431 ... see Blue Falls Mfg. Ltd. (Canada). Aries Spas ... Atlantic Pool Products (Canada) see Jacuzzi ...

Filtrek HFV Vertical Cartridge Filter Housing Datasheet - Valin

HFV Series. Fil-Trek Corporation. 70 Fleming Drive. Cambridge, On N1T 2B1. (519) 623.7448 [email protected] vertical cartridge filter housing.

High Performance Sediment Filter Cartridge Envirogard ... -

Rainfresh HP1 cartridge is a melt-blown depth filters designed for efficient removal of particulate matter and fine sediment from water. These new generation ...

Maintenance and Filter Cleaning Resetting the Filter Counter ...

adversely affect the life of the projector. If a “Filter warning” icon (yellow or red) appears on the screen and the. WARNING FILTER indicator lights or blinks, clean ...

hydraulic filter catalog - Main Filter

Fram Filters. Gresen Filters. Hilliard - Hilco Filters. Hydac - Hycon Filters. Hy-Pro Filters. Ikron Filters. Internormen Filters. Kaydon Filters. Komatsu Filters.

Questionnaire for Filter-Projects -

... of the solids. 19. specific weight of the solids. /cm³. 20. contents of solids, wet/dry. /l, °/00. 21. grain size and analysis . % dfgdfg fgdfg. Reset. Send via e-mail.

TDB - Lenntech

CARATTERISTICHE GENERALI TDB-TDV 2 POLI 50 Hz. TDB120. TDB170. TDV120. TDV170. Max. efficiency flow (m³/h). 22. 35. 58. 78. 120. 170. 220. 280.

CEA-CA - Lenntech

EXAMPLE : CEAM 120/5-V. CEA series electric pump, single-phase, flow rate 120 l/min. 50 Hz, Impeller size 5, FPM version. SINGLE-PHASE. THREE-PHASE. 1 - ...

DDI - Lenntech

The Grundfos Alldos DDI range was created because accurate ... The DDI AR: Taking diaphragm dosing pumps to the next level ... This permits the exchange of chemical tanks ... ☆4 Reacts violently with water and generates much heat.

Resinex™ AW-4 - Lenntech

RX-AW4-e-Rev13-20111027. NOTICE Jacobi Carbons reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notification. The information contained in ...

RCME - Lenntech

Mains water valve coil. Mains water valve diaphragm. Power supply, 24 VDC. The service kits below apply to RCME systems with the following product numbers:.

HYDRAcap-MAX-60 - Lenntech

HYDRAcap · ® · MAX 60. Performance. †. Filtrate Flow: 11.7 – 37.9 gpm (2.7 – 8.6 m3/h). Filtrate Turbidity: ≤ 0.10 NTU. Bacteria removal: ≥ 4 log. Type.

HYDRAcap - Lenntech

HYDRAcap ultrafiltration membrane modules represent state-of-the-art capillary technology, providing greater removal efficiency of viruses and other pathogens.

Style 77 - Lenntech

For 14 − 24"/350 − 600mm flexible roll groove systems, Victaulic recommends Style. W77 AGS couplings. For more information, request submittal publication 20.03 ...

50 - 60Hz - Lenntech

10” Water filled rewindable submersible motors, 2 poles ... Funzionamento in pozzi da 4” o superiori con pompe sommerse di ... B_ Z ebg^ bl ghm ZoZbeZ[e^ _hk ma^ lniier h_ ^e^mkbmr mh ihp^k ma^ ^e^mkb infi% ma^ nl^ h_ Z `^g^kZmhk ...

loftrex - Lenntech

radioactive waste, ink, wastewater, aqueous solutions and food & beverage. Ideal for use as a blowdown post filter and prefiltration for reverse osmosis systems.

ATUV-1060 - Lenntech

atg UV Technology. Model Number. AT-487. Description. Temperature Probe. Mounting. Via M6 Stud. Element Material. Platinum Resistance Detector. Housing ...

Ion Exchange for Dummies - Lenntech

Examples: •. A monovalent ... A monovalent molecular cation: the ammonium ion NH4. ... When you dissolve a salt into water, its cations and anions are free to ...

Amberlite IRC86RF - Lenntech

AMBERLITE IRC86RF resin is a gel type high capacity weak acid cation exchange resin containing carboxylic acid groups. The principal application of this resin ...

goulds pumps - Lenntech

Sleel. 122. Shaft. 1144 Sleel. 316. 123. DeUector. Rubber. 126. Shaft Sleeve. 416. 316. 134. ThruSI Bearing Housing. Cast Iron. 168. Racfial Bearing. Sleel. 184.

ELPC Series - Lenntech

PENTEK ELPC ELECTROPLATING CARBON CARTRIDGES. Pentair® Pentek® ELPC Series Cartridges is a premium line of activated carbon filter cartridges ...

Polygard®-CR Filters - Lenntech

Polygard®-CR filter media provides maximum filtration capacity, and the all-polypropylene construction offers low extractables levels and broad chemical.

Hydro Multi S - Lenntech

42 Q [m³/h]. 0. 10. 20. 30. 40. 50. 60. 70. 80. One pump. Two pumps. Three pumps. Hydro Multi-S with CM 5-4 is only available with two pumps. 0.0. 0.5. 1.0. 1.5.

Grundfos Service kit Catalogue KPL KWM KPL 500 - Lenntech

KPL KWM. 50/60 Hz. O-ring. O-ring for oil plugs. Power Lock. Sensor Cable a. Without terminated ends b. Without cable bush. Sensor Cable bush. Turbulence ...

Grundfos CM10-3 pump - Lenntech

Printed from Grundfos Product Centre [2018.06.003]. On request CM10-3 A-R-I-V-AQQV 50 Hz. H. [m]. 0. 5. 10. 15. 20. 25. 30. 35. 40. 45. 50. Q [m³/h]. 0. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Micro-Klean™ III Series - Lenntech

and easily deformable, competitive filter cartridges such as spiral wound, melt-blown and string wound cartridges. The design of Micro-Klean III cartridges ...

Micro-Klean D BNL r3 0312.indd - Lenntech

To eliminate any chance of by-pass at the cartridge joints, Micro-Klean D filter cartridges can be delivered in several lengths but in one piece construction from. 9 ¾ ...

Desalitech Water Purification for Industry - Lenntech

Desalitech's patented Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis. (CCRO) technology removes unwanted colors, odors, contaminants, and particulates to guarantee a.

Double Suction Vertical Pumps - Lenntech

Each Model of the VIDS line (Vertical Industrial Double. Suction) ... Goulds Pumps Double Suction impellers reduce ... Our single-stage VS-2 pumps can process liquids ... Goulds Pumps will custom craft a high-performance piece of equipment.