WHEN Shigeo Yasutake landed on Guadalcanal there - Pacific Citizen

CHONG'S CAFE. Chinese and American. 485 Tyler St., Monterey, Ca 93940 ... Takeo, a kamikaze pilot, was shot down attacking Tinian, while Don was actually.

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WHEN Shigeo Yasutake landed on Guadalcanal there - Pacific Citizen

CHONG'S CAFE. Chinese and American. 485 Tyler St., Monterey, Ca 93940 ... Takeo, a kamikaze pilot, was shot down attacking Tinian, while Don was actually.

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Paul Soon-Hong Kim was selected as the Korean. American Chamber of ... Le Sheng Liu, an Oakland fIlm student and ... since Ted Williams batted .406 in. 1941? Maybe ... May 12 Great Lakes ''Tulips & Mackinac Island" 10 Days - 18 Meals-.

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Tang Industiies, Elk Chnve Village, Dl. - Cyras Tan, chair, pres.and CEO; Michael Tang, exec. v.p. ... '"menu plus advancement <m a 50 percent bads until he ...

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17 Jan 2020 ... FLORIN — Eileen Namba Otsuji, fsres.; ... Such inc^cators of wasreadied lastyearwith the passage ofthe ... Burnaby B.C, Canada VSA2HS ^. W.

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3 Mar 2019 ... pic are a Japanese restaurant. rTenkatsu), Bain Chiba's Main. Drug, and Sagamiya, Mr. Shi- ... tino's highest tribunal declare ... Hats Aizawa.

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and sushi were the menu for the day ... ers of the moUon picture pho- tography ... Lake Judo Club wIth Rupert by that attorney lo hls brief. which to lotervene, It Is ,till ... 88: Whltttflr. Jma ... Prince Takamatsu Is the flagging personal protesslonal.

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Publication of the National Japanese American Citizens League. Vol. 85 No. 26 ... 14th and Broadway, Sacramento 95818. 444-3695 ... Iwooka, Tom & Hime .

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We were not able to Iden- were in the restaurant business. District Council ... (To fly the English Chan- ... ROADING LUCRATIVE.. executive chef at a Cheyenne res- ed as a cook in Nebraska and at his widow, the ... Barrie M. Kato. JOANNE ...

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A Korean War Veterans group petitioned to oppose the warmemorial ... tion,a Vietnamese restaurant in SanJose wasseton fire. ... A54t dock. buS-in bbq. ewwioaking bay. ... needs a contribution in any other fisljd, I am sura, ths Nikkei people ...

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DemocraticNational Coun cil. Speakers included Rspa. Norman Minsta, Robert' ... community, such as softball eames. "He was a sports nut,"*. Laveme noted.

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mura, Arthur & Yorl Krtagawa,. Albert & Mary Kega ... Japanese noodles and SUshi. Ex- cellent pay Will ... Kamloops & back 10 Vancouver and LAX,. 8'26-9/03.9 ...

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Henjo News, regarding a legal pro- ... article in the Henjo News describ- ... "There are none who would take away from the glory in- lem films, "Crossfire," a ...

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6 May 2019 ... Kojo,the i ntroduction ofand greetingsfrom theprincipalsof thegroup ... cooki ng. In additionto theroastpig,the menu carriedcoldbarbecuebeef,chi ...

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ight 18 at the Bicandi's banquet of her husband: Kazuo Takech ... Ohio; Mrs. Mary K. Ito, Pasadena: league of Nisei in the county has for a day for those ...

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Happy New Year. Alan Furuta. Vice President ... Junko & Erin. San Francisco, CA. Holiday ... I thought of this when I visited the Killing. Fields and the Tuol Sleng ...

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16 Dec 2011 ... abod • M"-"im. reSistI)< Ie<.xamj:lo. " think it' ... AUTHENTIC JAPANESE RESTAURANT ... there can only be one chef in the kitchen and that I ...

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people from the Black Political Task Force and Latino PAC. There's never ... Gardena Phone: (213) 538-5808 / 329-8542 ... Berkeley: 5-Olie Koodo, }2.:Masaji G.


cluded without reproducing items from a menu we the help of his wifo Eiko A ... made to mavors of certain Call: AX 3-7000 RE 3-0557. THE DETECTIVE.

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B, PHIL 1IIATSUtURA nlenl caught my eye In Ute SAN JOSE -. The beAutilul rurrcnl bsue at the "JACL And mod"rn H".ll House on. R.port.,· ... the Se81U.

Vol.013#53 - Pacific Citizen

Kazuo Kojo. Joe Komaki ... Juan Ijikai, San Juan Young traffic or parking cars. with the sole purpose of ac- menu and recipes for basic do not notice any great.

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Southland Hi-Co leaderS sched- vada District Council ... Now your WESTERN PIONEER Insurance Policy really pays off for ... Leamington Hotel. Oaklabc1; Jr . .

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Go for Broke!, the picture MGM made four years ago about because of a lack of qualified ap- Senator ... culty in obtaining workers for the local apparel industry.

Vol.040#09 - Pacific Citizen

S.DistrictCourtbefore. JudgeJeanS.Breitenstein,ac- cording to SyrilI.Sh raiberg, chi efnaturalization examiner h ere.Th eyare: KazuKomuro, Sh i geji Arai,Naru.

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Liect each week. The new restored after the Japanese ate for the second time, Sen ... VITAL STATISTICS. "Bons to the Mitsuji the bannery manadas (Meako.

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who were killed in action. The plaque reads, in part: ... te, Mattie Furuta, Miki Himeno,. George Ige, Sid ... l.3-Kikkoman Internal'l" fNudy Junko Niizawa. Howard.

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mClicookini.comNClrberth.PA 610-747-0557. Kenichi and Rose ... "Infinity & Chashu Ramen", a movie filmed in and about San. Francisco's Japantown that will ...

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nearly double the amount of competing chefs in prior seasons according ... "I love to explore new ideas and develop new dishes," he said. ... Eddie Huang (righ~ and younger brother Evan Huang (left) prepare baa in the kitchen of Baohaus INith ... a rrumF d measuring cup, Level rut ttle sides with )o<Jur fin ~ rtips Let the.

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the White House, the summer Olympics were in ... was convinced 1 had seen a ghost one night, had felt ... age to remember the dead at Msmtanar. About 200 ...

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18 May 2019 ... in Bremerb n, 'IlkIsh., plu; hi, "';fe, Angie, a fcrmer ... Even Angie decid<d to quit her "s reat joo" to help ... kuchi; son-in-law, Jim Tamura; she.

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18 Mar 2005 ... Michelle Wie's all class as she heads ... their husband's seats, in 1998 choos- ing Santa ... of her late husband Robert Matsui who passed away ...

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11; fashions by Renko, Naru Mi, Miyo of. New York, Itsuko Takeda, Dominique,. Obi Mine, Yasuko's, Tamotsu, Kanojo,. Zelda, Max and Mabel. Sal June 1 O--MIS ...

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Asian Pacific Ameri can community leaders ... Pacific Citixen was invited to attend a ... Gift Ware. Seattle • 624-6248. Bellevue-747-9012. - Aaaooni^jSSwWHr.


Korean War Veteran, printed in the Pacific Citizen, the JACL most certainly does ... Gift Ware. Seattle, WA • (206) 624-6248. Bellevue, WA • (425) 747-9012.

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Hollywood; the fabulous showman, Ku'- shibiki, and Tsuru Aoki ... Am.encan Inelians, onentals .and Nisei, hose names will appear in natives and desendants.

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22 Sep 1989 ... SoiA. uuniry ron.prJ, m JA. ... band from Lo Angele ,making its Bay. Area debut. ... kyo. from 11 :30 a.m. 10 3 p.m. Biddmg bcms at 12:30.

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rin Maru alone means a great contribution to the Japanese history as well as the marine science 01 this country. I wish to have a museum and library on the ...