The Moghul Saint of Insanity - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

harem, inhaled the scent of peace and prosperity, if not of the roses, white and fragrant. ... Princess Roshanara, another of the emperor's sisters, only a year older than him ... Swept by his torrent of rage, he was feeling powerless against the ...

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The Moghul Saint of Insanity - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

harem, inhaled the scent of peace and prosperity, if not of the roses, white and fragrant. ... Princess Roshanara, another of the emperor's sisters, only a year older than him ... Swept by his torrent of rage, he was feeling powerless against the ...

Publishing and Culture - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Publishing and Culture. Edited by Dallas John Baker, Donna Lee Brien and Jen Webb. This book first published 2019. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

GI Gurdjieff - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

in his work The 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written: the History of. Thought from Ancient Times to Today, Gurdjieff's legacy remains largely ignored.

Out of the Shadows - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Death of Edward Lindsey De Morgan (aged 37). 1880. Publication of The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde and Other. Stories by Mary De Morgan. 1881.

Betwixt and Between - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Betwixt and Between: Place and Cultural Translation, edited by Stephen Kelly and David Johnston. This book first published 2007 by. Cambridge Scholars ...

Singing for Themselves - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

stories of artists such as James, Ray Charles, or Howlin' Wolf bear out the ... song: “All I wanna do is cook your bread/Just to make sure you're well fed.”xix The ...

the wizard of oz - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

... Peter Merchant. Cambridge Scholars Publishing ... The Wizard of Oz: Myth for an Age of Progress . ... old myths and re-stitch gender roles for a modern world.

War on the Human - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

in Andy Kaufman's All My Friends Are Superheroes. Christina Dokou ... All techno-hype aside, it is striking how recent many of the events are that define what we ...

The Contemporary Art Gallery - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Art US,, Artforum, ArtInternational, Arts Magazine,. Artscribe, Burlington Magazine, Kunst Chronik, Modern Painters,. Sculpture, Tema Celeste, and ...

Scottish Cinema Now - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Highland Reels. Moving Pictures International. 8: 24-25. Martin-Jones, David. Forthcoming. Scotland: Global Cinema. Edinburgh:.

More Than Mere Playthings - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

University Art Gallery. Figure 2.3: Engraved bronze mirror with a Lasa, third century B.C. Royal. Ontario Museum, Toronto. Source: with permission of the Royal.

The Book of the Mirror - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

He kept disappearing as both of us turned corners or pursued blind alleys. Finally, I bumped into another mirror, turned right, then left, and there he was again, now ...

The Silence of Fallout - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

The Silence of Fallout: Nuclear Criticism in a Post-Cold War World,. Edited by Michael Blouin, Morgan Shipley and Jack Taylor. This book first published 2013.

Aging Femininities - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Copyright © 2012 by ... in the Case of Helen Mirren and Calendar Girls.....................................

First Generation Mainframes - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

3-4 IBM 704 Arithmetic Registers. 3-5 IBM 704 Type A Instruction Format. 3-6 IBM 704 Type B Instruction Format. 4-1 IBM 705 Computer System. 4-2 IBM 705 ...

Dylan at Play - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

She Might Be in Tangier: Bob Dylan and the Literary. ... Bob Dylan Discography . ... They wanted a Blonde on Blonde sounding. Bob. They wanted the greatest ...

Theorising the Popular - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library ... Guinevere in Bernard Cornwell's ... Gender Representation in Superhero Comic Books:.

Nietzsche's Will to Power - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Nietzsche's concept of will to power cannot be understood adequately in isolation from other themes arising from his general philosophy. Nietzsche revels in ...

Temporaries and Eternals - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

2002), 52. The character of Coleman in Antic Hay was modelled on Warlock. After. Heseltine's suicide in 1931, Huxley wrote to Robert Nichols, 18 January 1931,.

Cinema and Evil - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Augustine's famous text, would seem ready-made for such a study, (particularly as it deals with evil in children), didn't make the cut. It is not that Meirelles's film isn't ...

Architecture and Ideology - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Post-Everything: Architecture and Ideology after the 20th Century ......... ... The Ideological Function of Architecture in the Society of Spectacle . ... beliefs and forms of thoughts, behaviours, expressions, representations and ... Maps of meaning.

The Mirror Crack'd - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

The Mirror Crack'd: Fear and Horror in JRR Tolkien's Major Works, Edited by Lynn Forest- ... here in extended form, together with those of other established scholars ... In the wake of the film version of The Lord of the Rings, academic interest.

Transcultural Screenwriting - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Film and the Key Factors Impacting on the Creation of Story in the Film ... for example the movie Outsourced (2006), whose main topic is intercultural ...

Fashion through History - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Naples in the Fashion Circuit: Men's Neapolitan Fashion of the Twentieth. Century and ... Analyzing Fall Winter 2015/16 Ready-to-Wear Trends: The Perspective.

Science in the Nursery - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Science in the Nursery: The Popularisation of Science in Britain and France, 1761-1901,. Edited by Laurence Talairach-Vielmas. This book first published 2011.

Museums and Public Art? - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Curator Carole Anne Meehan's commentary in this book, both in her engaging conversation with art historian Sierra Rooney as well as in the. Epilogue she ...

Doris Lessing - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

In Briefing for a Descent into Hell, Lessing narrates the journey of her protagonist Charles Watkins, lost within the cobweb of his unconscious; he establishes an ...

Reinventing Sound - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

nevertheless, with the rise of youth counter culture a “new” discourse between artists and ... Thus far, the aesthetic agenda underlying the works of Gorillaz has.

The Sacred Tree - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Anglo-Saxon Sacred Trees: Christianizing a Pagan Symbol. Chapter Six . ... exploration of what Germanic Paganism was like. It now seems to me to.

The Famished Road - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Haroun and the Sea of Stories. London: Granta Books. —. 2012. Joseph Anton. New York: Random House. Smith, Andrew. 2005. “Ben Okri and the Freedom ...

English Without Boundaries - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

English Without Boundaries: Reading English from China to Canada. Edited by Jane ... for its 23rd triennial conference at the Institute of English Studies in the.

A Genealogy of the Verse Novel - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Starting with blank-verse examples, such as Aurora Leigh, Denzil. Place and The Ring and the Book, it proceeds to other pentameter-based texts, including ...

AIDS in Cultural Bodies - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Sapphire's Push (1996); Pearl Cleage's What Looks Like Crazy on an. Ordinary Day (1997); Shaneska Jackson's Li'l Mama's Rules (1997); Gil. R. Robertson's ...

Ages of Heroes, Eras of Men - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

In past two decades, an increasing number of scholars have examined the reflective power and influence of comic books and comics culture in. U.S. society. These ...

Aspects of Iranian Linguistics - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

the Editor in Chief of five English-Persian dictionaries published by Far- ... 2006, followed by a Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs (English-Persian) in 2007,.

The Ballets of Ludwig Minkus - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Bibliography and Discography................................................................ 381 ... Ex. 3 Don Quixote Prelude (The Queen of the Dryads) .......................... 219. Ex. 4 Don ...