Botticelli's Mythologies: A Study in the Neoplatonic Symbolism ... - jstor

Stern, "Eustathe le Macrembolithe et le 'Printemps' de Botti- celli, L'Amour de l'Art, 1946 (IV).-R. Salvini,. "Umanesimo di Botticelli," Emporium, Janu- ary 1944 was ...

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Botticelli's Mythologies: A Study in the Neoplatonic Symbolism ... - jstor

Stern, "Eustathe le Macrembolithe et le 'Printemps' de Botti- celli, L'Amour de l'Art, 1946 (IV).-R. Salvini,. "Umanesimo di Botticelli," Emporium, Janu- ary 1944 was ...

White Mythologies: DH Lawrence and the Deconstructive Turn - jstor

tail with the kind of successful auto-fellatio which signifies less the comple tion of the ideal phonic circuit which unites inner and outer than the "cut" or incision ...

Photojournalism's White Mythologies: Eliot Elisofon and LIFE ... - jstor

the LIFE essay solidified time-worn mythological concepts of Africa cham- ... expressed was in perfect conjunction with the fantasy of what “savagery” might hold, but ... city of Zaria in Kaduna state and the shell-BP oil drill south of Port Harcourt.

Adam McLean's Study Course on the artwork and symbolism of ...

1978 Golden Dawn tarot - Robert Wang. 1980 Hermetic Tarot - Godfrey Dowson. 1980 Le Tarot Magique (Magical Tarot) - Frederic Lionel. 1983 Tree-of-Life ...

Animals and K-POP. A Case Study on the Symbolism of Wild ... - IJIR

By observing the types of animals present in performances and music videos, and then relating their general symbolic meanings to the lyrics of the songs, some ...

animal symbolism in paulo coelho's novels -a select study

It is shown in The Devil and Miss. Prym, that it is the mirror image of Satan in the Bible. In the author's note, Paulo Coelho writes about the first man and woman on ...

Symbolism and Art - jstor

beholder. Mrs. Langer's fundamental claim is that art is the creation of forms which are symbolic of human feelings. "Symbolic" is.

Symbolism, Mediumship, and the - jstor

Dr. Olivier Flournoy, Geneva (Photo: reproduced from Olivier Flournoy, Théodore et Léopold. ... Smith's most tireless supporters, Auguste Lemaître, called her illogical ... 18 See Jacqueline Carroy and Régine Plas, "La méthode pathologique.

The Importance of Symbolism in Art - jstor

allegedly fallen, and the sooner our science program will be able again to attract and hold students of high capacity. The Importance oř Symbolism in Art. IRL ...

Lotus without Symbolism - jstor

In spite of the popularity of the flower it must be noted that some of the well-known Buddha figures in India did not get lotus seats. These are the fifth century ...

Symbolism of the New Xenophobia - jstor

Xenophobe Nationalist seems to be: immigrant stock too rapidly ... in 1956 for that genuine (meaning nonsnob- ... xenophobes, and I would no sooner entrust my.

Colour Symbolism - jstor

monograph, I had begun to collect evidence regarding colour symbolism in ancient religious art and literature. I found it exceedingly helpful and stimulating, ...

Psalm 23: Symbolism and Structure - jstor

As with many psalms in the Hebrew Bible, Psalm 23 lacks any allusion ... 1978] 328-31) and E. W. Hengstenberg ( Commentary on the Psalms, 2 [Clark's ...

Disguised Symbolism in 'Madonna' - jstor

cherries between the forefinger and thumb. The apple is a symbol of original sin; t signifies the 'mystic grape', that is th. Christ, who had to die on the Cross to r.

Tamerlane and the Symbolism of Sovereignty - jstor

Tamerlane and the Symbolism of Sovereignty. The great nomad conqueror Timur set out to conquer the whole of the former Mongol Empire and almost ...

An Essay on Symbolism and Liturgical Celebration - jstor

CHUPUNGCO, O.S.B.. This essay is an attempt to examine the symbolic character of the liturgical celebration. The exposition centers on the celebra-.

Le Bateau Ivre, or the Limits of Symbolism - jstor

There is little if any analysis of the poem itself. 21 think especially of Wallace Fowlie's reading in his Rimbaud (New York: New Direc? tions, 1946), pp.

Virginia Woolf's Dome Symbolism - jstor

(154), in combination with the dome, the opposing phallic and yonic con notations ... defines the head's shape, it attributes to the mind the interior mystery and.

The Symbolism of the Sun and Light in the Republic of Plato. II - jstor

Plato the sun assumes a symbolical func- tion which embraces the ... not treat symbols in a static way. The ... ways applied to the same object. They are ... scribes as raiVra 5E 1rpoor/'E &&a r/g Kar' ... Glaucon praises because it makes the soul.

Symbolism of Hairstyles in Korea and Japan - jstor

or tough grass. Korea's first record on the hair is found in Munh6npiko S3Wc. [Complete encyclopedia of traditional Korean culture; written in the eighteenth.

The Phaeacians and the Symbolism of Odysseus' Return - jstor

of tie entire Phaeacian episode in the Odyssey as a whole. Noteworthy first is the juxtaposition of Calypso and the Phae acians. The Phaeacians, with their activity, ...

The New Crusaders: Contemporary Extreme Right Symbolism ... - jstor

And if foreign fighters from one extremist movement are capable of producing terror, ... The Templar flag is also the flagship of the Knights Templar International ...

Seeing It Feelingly: Victorian Symbolism and Narrative Art - jstor

ana, or the centrifugal configuration and the mirrored open door in Egg's Past and ... Victorian narrative painting, and even better, help define its genius loci.

the maya spider in russian symbolism - jstor

(116-17). In Russian Symbolist works, the spider image suggests not only ... depicts the Maya spider, in its form as the goddess, who not only traps peo- ple in a ...

Women and Symbolism: Imagery and Theory - jstor

and designers who showed women as decorative sub- jects for admiration. Similarly ... selections of Schopenhauer's essays and The World as. Will and Idea ...

architectural symbolism and cherokee townhouses - jstor

ARCHITECTURAL SYMBOLISM AND CHEROKEE TOWNHOUSES. Figure 2. Schematic map of public and domestic architecture at the Coweeta Creek site ...

The Color-Symbolism of the Cardinal Points - jstor

ous peoples as symbolic of the cardinal points, we are at once con- fronted by several difficulties. Although such symbolism was and is, presumably, widespread ...

The Term and Concept of Symbolism in Literary History - jstor

What I want to discuss is something much more specific: not even symbol and symbolism in literature but the term and concept of symbolism as a period in ...

the symbolism of jade in classic maya religion - jstor

Classic Maya ascribed a number of meanings to jade, including maize, centrality, and rulership, ... cloud and raindrop, to, finally, serpent and other zoomorphic heads ... 2003b Maws of Heaven and Hell: The Symbolism of the Centipede.

Chromatic Symbolism of Womanhood in Fairy Tales - jstor

"Snow White" queen, who, on beholding th snow, wishes to have a daughter "as white as" ebony (Grimm 249). Presently, let us about the fairy-tale ideal maiden.

Symbolism and Design in Ancient Egyptian Gardens - jstor

Ancient Egyptian gardens were constructed with many of the features known now fr ... pool.56 Away across the desert lay the huge lake of Birket Habu surround.

imagery, symbolism and social values in maori chants - jstor

In spite of over one hundred years of exposure to musical traditions from Europe and America the modern Maori of New Zealand still sing their traditional chants.

Survival of Early Christian Symbolism in Monastic Churches of ... - jstor

of the Church of Alexandria in the evolving theology of the early church. Colonies appeared in ... The solution was to construct an outdoor pulpit on the facade of ...

German Symbolism in Rock Music: National Signification in ... - jstor

'Mein Herz brennt' ('My Heart Burns' ) and 'Spieluhr' ( 'Musical Clock' ).15 Moreover,. Rammstein's sonic formula includes a theatrical vocal performance style ...

Mythologies - soundenvironments

MYTHOLOGIES. Books by Roland Barthes. A Barthes Reader. Camera Lucida. Critical Essays. The Eiffel Tower and Other Mythologies. Elements of Semiology.

Mythologies - SEAS

English]. Mythologies / Roland Barthes, translated from the French by. Richard Howard [and] Annette Lavers. p. cm. Originally published: France: Éditions du Seuil, ...