Ballads, Intertextuality, and the Discovery of Murder - jstor

Magical Corpses: Ballads, Intertextuality, 8c the Discovery of Murder 3 the right honorable, the ... Music recorded by Grace Yarrow. Mansfield. Cambridge, Mass.

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Ballads, Intertextuality, and the Discovery of Murder - jstor

Magical Corpses: Ballads, Intertextuality, 8c the Discovery of Murder 3 the right honorable, the ... Music recorded by Grace Yarrow. Mansfield. Cambridge, Mass.

A Context for Eminem's “Murder Ballads” 1

19 Sep 2002 ... Eminem's lyrics, but even these modest criticisms are neutralized by ... the hypermisogynist “Superman,” and his relationship with his estranged ...

intertextuality - jstor

principle of textual autonomy, the theory of intertextuality insists that a text cannot exist as ... tertextual practice that contributes to the definition of the individual.

Intertextuality at Windsor - jstor

and marriage, which is where The Merry Wives of Windsor becomes a peculiarly ... merry, and yet honest too" (IV.ii, Folio TLN 199422) are the heroes of the ... here I am indebted to Giorgio Melchiori, who gave a paper at the Accademia in ...

'the lyrical ballads' and 'the preface' - jstor

preface the second edition of The Lyrical Ballads . And while it is highly unlikely that the 'substance' as well as the idea could be truly attributed to Coleridge,2 it ...

The Contemporaneity of the Lyrical Ballads - jstor

Country Mag., xxiii (1791), 330; "Ode to the River Coly,-1789 by Mr. Polwhele," ... 59; "The Maniac, a Dramatic Poem," Town and Country Mag., xvI (1784), 383; ...

television genres: intertextuality - jstor

TELEVISION GENRES: INTERTEXTUALITY. MIMI WHITE. I. In the weeks following the airing of ABC's. "novel for television" The Winds of War. (winter 1983) ...

Structural Analysis of the Female Warrior Ballads - jstor

informs these ballads about women soldiers and sailors, and the female warrior motif ... With her hands so soft she went aloft like a jolly sailor bold. She kept her ...

Jolly Sailors Bold: Ballads and Songs of the - jstor

Irene Shettle. Guildford. Jolly Sailors Bold: Ballads and Songs of the. American Sailor. Stuart M. Frank. East Windsor, NJ: Camsco Music, 2010. 530 pp. Music.

Textuality and Intertextuality in Dostoevsky's Poor Folk - jstor

As do his charact. Dostoevsky serves as reader and writer, as literary critic and innov. Through characterization and thematics, Poor Folk reinscribes two pi.

The Wiles of Women and Performative Intertextuality: 'A'isha ... - jstor

In the "Hadith of the Slander" (hadith al-ifk), cA'isha is the narrator and the main protagonist ... women in a context where it means sexual trickery. Indeed some ...

the depth of the hole: intertextuality and tom waits's "way down ... - jstor

Tom Waits entitled "Way Down in the Hole" (1987). Each year during th ... then a similar cut of fabric—this time a body-bag being car ried from an ... This recov ery is signaled in the closing montage of the series when Bubbles emerges from the ...

television intertextuality and the discourse of the nuclear family - jstor

televisual texts (syntagmatic intertextual ity) but also ... Promo VO: Good Morning America, tomorrow's program ... and a fifth, a cute little boy eating a sandwich ...


Scarlett Baron's exhaustive study comes at a time when we are definitely in need of a new, ... by Julia Kristeva in 1966.6 Indeed, there is something of the absurd.

John A. Lomax and Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads - jstor

Songs of the Cowboys had appeared in 1908.2 But Lomax's longer book, published by ... Sturgis and Walton's second choice, and the ultimate author of the introduction, was ... with early cowboy singers and fans through recordings by Vernon.

Intertextuality and Its Meaning in Natan Zach's "'Enosh ... - jstor

Natan Zach, a prominent subversive Israeli poet, began publishing his ... shonim, Zach identifies "a consistent strategy of bypassing the specific, even ... absurd, see Joseph Milman,'Esh karah zarah (Tel Aviv: Ha-kibbutz ha-meuhad, 1995), ...

Matrices of Time, Space, and Text: Intertextuality and Trauma ... - jstor

Kawakami Hiromi's "Kamisama 2011" (God Bless You, 2011), two 3.11 narratives that employ intertextuality to construct radical counter-narratives to trauma.

a science fiction murder-mystery party - Playing With Murder

Frequently the Host/Hostess will also play the part of one of the characters. This particular Mystery Party, Murder at the Nir Cantina, is a Murder Mystery wherein.

The Woolfolk Murder - jstor

holly bush was set out to mark the spot.7 Tom was then sent to ... in the adjoining county of Jones. ... to the Woolfolk house the morning after the murder before ...

Murder in Mesopotamia - jstor

MURDER IN MESOPOTAMIA. By D. J. WISEMAN. This contribution to the volume in honour of Sir Max Mallowan has its starting point in texts found at Nimrud ...

Murder and Meanings in US Historiography - jstor

novels about serial murder and infanticide in turn-of-the-century. New York confirm ... cal agendas. ... Other important books that followed (including Ruth Harris's.

Macbeth: Masculinity as Murder - jstor

Macbeth: Masculinity as Murder 155. Macbeth: Masculinity as Murder. G. Wilson Knight, in one of those rapturous outbursts to which he was given when writing ...

Murder on Shaw Island - jstor

the center of Shaw Island toward its intersec- tion, one mile distant, ... stone fireplace opposite; the window he built in the east wall to ... set, crossed the channel with the tide and rowed down the length of ... guage of a direct approach. "I there ...

Power, Genocide and Mass Murder - jstor

Democide - that is, genocide and mass murder - is the most serious threat to ... Some preliminary comments on the statistics to be presented may help to ...

Murder and Manners: The Formal Detective Novel - jstor

man who quite innocently left a 12EEE footprint in the rose garden, and arrive home just in time for high tea. That person is the murderer, no matter how guilt-.

Murder by Structure: Dominance Relations and the Social ... - jstor

gang murder is defined by the manner in which social networks are ... and analyze the structure of gang murders in Chicago. Findings ... Titanic P. Stones. 1. 0. 0.

Sensuality, Depravity, and Ritual Murder: The Damascus ... - jstor

Julie Kalman, "Sensuality, Depravity, and Ritual Murder: The Damascus. Blood Libel and ... and Curious Tale of Rothschild I, King of the Jews, by Satan) sold.

Murder on the Orient Express: The Political Economy of the ... - jstor

sumer demand, and investment priorities of big business and big banking ? ... Kuwaiti, and UAE banks, respectively (Left Business Observer 43 [January 28 ...

The Crime Story of a Filipino Who Committed Murder in Japan - jstor

Filipino was informed of the punishment meted ... Philippines, there is no logic to stop those people from ... to go deeper into the questions of migrant. Filipinos in ...

Murder Conviction Upheld despite Lack of Direct Evidence of ... - jstor

5. E.g., People v. Moran, 144 Cal. 48, 77 Pac. 777 (1904) ; Powell v. Commonwealth,. 276 Ky. 234, 246, 123 S.W.2d 279, 285 (1938); Harris v. State, 155 Miss.

Assault Rifles, Separated Families, and Murder in Their Eyes ... - jstor

I first interviewed Kevin Owens, a forty-year-old black survivor of Hurricane. Katrina, in the late fall of 2005 . He had worked in the B. W. Cooper Housing.

Killer Cupcakes: Food, Feminism, and Murder in Mystery ... - jstor

Templeton, and Tamar Myers have written mystery series that focus on cooking, baking, serving, and eating. The series by Fluke, Mott Davidson, and Myers are ...

Race, Memory, and the Death of Robert Berkeley: "A Murder ... - jstor

Floor Plan of Rock Hill, Laura Virginia Hale Collection (Laura Virginia Hale Archives, Warren. Heritage Society, Front Royal, Va.). 4 Frederick County Minute ...

The Discovery of Insulin - jstor

relate to a discovery so important as that made by Banting and. Best in 1921. ... "In May, 1921, Banting and Charles Herbert Best, both graduates of the University of Toronto ... 1« Collip, J. B. Recollections of Sir Frederick Banting. Canad. med ...

Patterns of Discovery - jstor

Patterns of Discovery: An Inquiry into the Conceptual Foundations of Science. By. NORWOOD ... if somebody in a zoo were to say, not "This is an elephant," or "This is a giraffe," but rather "In a ... PA TTERNS OF DISCO VERY certain extent ...

A New Discovery in the Wilton Diptych - jstor

For the latest summary and bibliography see M. ZORZI: Collezione dz antichita a Fenezia, Rome [1988], pp.25-33. 1 l See BOBER and RUBINSTEIN, op.cit. at ...