Researching the Petun - Ontario Archaeological Society

Details of donations to the Huron Institute Museum were published as news (e.g., Collingwood Bulletin 1908a;. Enterprise-Messenger 1905; Morris 1908, 1909).

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Researching the Petun - Ontario Archaeological Society

Details of donations to the Huron Institute Museum were published as news (e.g., Collingwood Bulletin 1908a;. Enterprise-Messenger 1905; Morris 1908, 1909).

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The sweat lodge is an element of prehistoric and historic ... thorough discussion of Iroquoian sweat lodges and their use has ... Toronto: The Champlain Society.

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was an iron nail identical to those found at the fort, suggesting to the researchers ... Hanna, pp. 39-45. ... Archaeological Survey of Wasaga Beach. Report on file ...

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INVESTIGATIONS AT MOHAWK VILLAGE, 1983 .......Ian Kenyon ... for 9 a.m. departures with hastily packed suitcases in tow. For the Acapulco ... of Mohawk Village. The story of the Six Nations emigration to Canada is, or at least should.

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Tell Christine to do a Dominatrix routine ... Christine to decide about the Dominatrix routine on her own). ... McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, May 7-10.

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newspapers, especially the Collingwood Enterprise-. Bulletin and the Barrie Examiner, on historical and archaeological subjects, with the result that his name.

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baie Georgienne ainsi que les rivières qui se déversent dans cette dernière ont ... site Sheguiandah à partir du quai de la Pitfield General Store, selon la météo.

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Its modern definition, according to the Grand Larous- ... The bark scroll drawings illustrated by Dewdney (1975) indicate that the Thund- erbird was placed above ...

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the “Chippewas of the Mnjikaning First Nation”, returning to their own ... Building Bridges From a Mnjikaning Fish Fence Circle Perspective. 69. Building Bridges ... the Barrie Friendship Centre. Merle also was ... ed of corn soup, fried scone, a choice of venison sausage, chicken breast, or a beef burger on a bun, bean salad ...

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the strandline of glacial Lake Algonquin and preliminary excavations at the Fisher ... The occurrence of isolated artifacts and a few sites within the limits of Lake ...

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post holes and by removal and re-use of stone from within the ruins. By its nature ... 399 The West Mail, Elobicoke, Ontario, M9C 2Y2 TEL (416) 394-S222 I;AX (416) 394-6003. Arch Notes ... a B.A. from the University of Guelph in. History and ...

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The 1975 excavations at the Draper site revealed that 13 of 33 houses (39%), ... recognized that the graduate faculties have become so cosmopolitan and ... Marti Latta - Recent Work at the Beeton Site: APrehistoric Lalonde Occupation.

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archaeological site inventory and Iroquoian culture history of southern Barrie and environs. ... J century. For most of their sojourn in Innisfil, Iroguoians cleued pri-.

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L: Central Dry Hills Of Oro Group. 57 Starr )BdGv-9). 58* Copeland (BdGw-30) ... Hunter's Vespra 23 (BcGw-12). 88 Gervais (BcGw-5). 89 Cundles (BcGw-11).

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sequences, marital connections, or pathways of trade. ... life for certain Huron-Petun periods (Noble, 1968:165), and certainly will be in forthcoming ... Hurons experienced from neighbouring Hurons to the east near Belleville (e.g., Payne), and.

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No. 73, 2002. Wa-nant-git-che-ang: Canoe Route to Lake Huron ... possibly, in the place name “Washago,” where the ... The Severn and its four canoe routes to.

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26 Oct 2013 ... 14 Honouring Avocational Archaeologist Art Howey. ARTICLES. 5 Points ... working full out to make it a memorable one! Please check ... coming in, and the day to day of things ... Secretary/Treasurer: Jennifer Surette. Director: ...

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3 Nov 2005 ... 7:30 Stone Fence Theatre, courtesy of Friends ofBonnechere Parks and a Cultural Strategic. Investment Fund (CSIF) grant from the Ontario ...

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Cross, Middleport Oblique, Ontario Oblique ... Selected Vessel Rims: Middleport Oblique-; (b) Vessel 20/ ... maize, bean, cucurbit, sunflower and tobacco—.

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While researching China Hall, neighbours "The Golden Lion" emporium appeared to be ... Weed, Parsons, and Company,. 1855. RADISSON ... Caplan,. Elinor. Oshawa. Pilkey, Hon. Allan C. Ottawa. Centre. Gigantes,. Hon. Evelyn. Ottawa.

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The Nature Tour of Killarney Park will be held between 9:30 and 11:30. ... The Shequiandah site on Manitoulin Island is well known by most Ontario ... de fouilles dans la région de Killarney (Greenman and Stanley 1941; Greenman 1966).

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In both Huron and Wyandot -nd8en- refers not only to a person's biological mother, but also to one's mother's sisters (FHO for Huron; Barbeau cards 553, 702-4 ...

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2 Nov 2019 ... artifacts on eBay and Kijiji (e-mail [email protected] ... called 'Flesh Reborn—Indigenous mission settlements of ... and Archéo-Quebec.

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early 1800s, the first tavern, vast lumber yards, lumber barons ... Pilon. On the Nature of Archaeology in the Ottawa Area and Archaological Mysteries. 17. On the ...

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located on the eastern margin of the Innisfil upland overlooking ... ed SSLs were constructed during fair weather, ... their wider social network, possibly including.

the shaman of long point - Ontario Archaeological Society

mortem damage to the skeleton, though much of it was ... the skull, dentition, and a hip bone, including a complete os ... A Wolf Mask and Other Carnivore. Skull ...

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Providence Bay site. 76. Ontario Archaeology. No. 69, 2000. Economic Strategies and Community Patterning at the Providence Bay Site, Manitoulin Island.

Turtles from Turtle Island - Ontario Archaeological Society

were made from map and slider turtle carapaces. (Guilday and ... part of the body, some animal or monster - for ... in the Lake of the Woods area, Kenora District.

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Gatineau, Québec ... Figure 1 Aerial photograph over the cores of the cities of Gatineau (Hull) on the north ... rial resulted in massive amounts of detritus on those.

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protruding cape and islands, and eventually enclosing the present day Sarnia ... Two modified bone artifacts may have also functioned as the central tangs for ...

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on E-Laws. (Historical versions of consolidated regulations, for regulations that were amended or affected by a coming into force event after January 1, 2004).

Guide to Researching Genealogy at the Cloverdale Library: Ontario

at the Cloverdale Library. Updated July 2017. Ontario. File no. 1928061. Farm Field Trip Collection: Waterdown Public School, Ontario. Courtesy of Wikimedia ...

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What is Archived is Not Lost: Researching Baseball in London, Ontario ... similar pictures can be found in the Western Archives' London Free Press Collection.

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University of Calgary from the Glenbow Museum. Provincial Archives (Edmonton). Senator Buchanan Room (Lethbridge Public Library). While looking for a ...

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26 Apr 2006 ... Austrian Red Cross/ACCORD - COI Training Manual: Part I ... situation in French-speaking African countries and in Latin America respectively.

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from smaller, warm weather occupations where there would have been little concern ... native trading systems (i.e., were trading networks existent prior to the ... Athens and covering the Topography and Monuments of Ancient Greece, is open.