THEATRE ROYAL r Hazeldean^iU - Papers Past

town; one owner. 45 m.p.g. 166 Hazeldean road. ... Glove,, brown cuff, in city, last Thursday. Reward. ... that a regular cleaning staff is engaged at the terminal ...

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THEATRE ROYAL r Hazeldean^iU - Papers Past

town; one owner. 45 m.p.g. 166 Hazeldean road. ... Glove,, brown cuff, in city, last Thursday. Reward. ... that a regular cleaning staff is engaged at the terminal ...

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Purch7ser-Tlwee~Quarier-Bcres. •VV;. Staumore road, fronting tramway. ... Paragon frame, with superior handle, obtainable at 5s 6d from G. C. Year and |.

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-¥Vf 0f doinsprocess: ,wdr_.—_rt__r Cleave ... Miss. Lyndon a few years ago. He was a. H-sphew of Sir Walter Besant, the celebrated ... the Ohira Stream, the Whaingaroa Harbour to the mouth ... She should look for congeniality of tastes, as ...

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22 Aug 2019 ... plana Box 283, Poj. Oiflce. 9470. WANTEDKNOWN-To Let, Feed for 500. Sheep, fora fortnight. Apply toRoot,. Blake, Rollo Farm, Lincoln. 911$.

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4 Feb 2020 ... -contretemps-r-fey Hairy Ckmder, million- aire. atere is»good ... 14s, Pathfinder 14s, Lady Typist Mβ. ... fants received iii *a foundling hospital.

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Francisco and all points in Canada, United States; ... England, via Canada, at favourable rates. PACIFIC ROUND ... King Wai, Fair Maid tilly, Georgie, Sharp.

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Marlborongh, is now m Blenheim, and will ... Blenheim, as nnder (subjeot to neoessary ... THE MAKLBOROLGH EXPRESS, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 185)9 ... G. T.. Howard;Lady Whiteis a daughter of the Yen. Arohdeacon Bayley, of.

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jungle, tilleven Uathi,the wild elophant, ... MessrsL. and Co. are very desirous that their customers should inspect ... of his client, even by neglect or gi oss care-.

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'TIME TABLE. (Weather and otfter circumstance! - • permitting.) ... Wholesale and Retail Wallpaper and Paint. Merchants, ... A LFBED T>CCKLAND HOD CKWS.

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Rd., Victoria Ay. car, Star Moonstone. Brooch ... GREAT SOUTH ROAD, ELLERSLIE (just. beroDil the ... Within easy reach of Ellerslie rallwny station: motor-.

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iiku bj* road. Try u* for a restful, inex- pensive holiday. Hcaeh frontage, dunce hull, tennis, ti>liint'. wireless store, electric li?ht. Write BOX :.'!>. WAILKU. PHONE.

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Eos 201, ij". □. Dnnedin. 'jQTA'GO. EDUCATION. BOARD. APPLICATiqNS, accompanied ... E.P. TABLE AND DESSERT FORKS. ... to Colonial writers-offered by these Prize Tale. ... of Kent, Dandy, Loch Leven, Yarrabee, Fairy ... F J A/P VfI I.

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stables, buggy. Blied and harness room. The house stands iv 5 acres of good land laid out lv flowers, shrubs ... smoked fox, grey fox, pointed fox, stone marten ...

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drive ol Spa, Post OSico and Golf Links. Conveyances frt-o of'ehargc, al-.vnys at Gncsta' ... OTTAWA July 20. Mr Bour.._a, the Nationalist leader, discussing the ...

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St. Michael's Vestry. Musical items ... '27s Cd. Holly re.-.d. 7 rooms. ... iafd i' ' anil b'ei.uiieel. Canadian l-'ur St re. j c-i>;.i-.f:fe Broadway's. ;.,_. 1"111" ANTED ...

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Tenfilnted D'ninc Saloon on Main Deck. Single £18, £20. £23. Return, £32 £38,. £39. Write for illustrated circular, trnJaß full particulars. o»uo., STEAM SHIP CO.

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frontier until it reaches the country north of. Montenegro. Thence the frontier should follow tho watershed to tho ... made hacks of those opposed <to him, and.

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of a'urine, 1"1 poiiiid oi aniline, 0'77pound oftoludirie, 046 pound.of anthracine, and o#9 pound of toluene. From feNBlast-named substance is' obtained the new.

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Association football—namely, Uie Now. Zealand Fo-otball ... ington Football Association, the Well- ington Uc'erees' ... SSSAD PASHA DEPORTED. fiUUAZZO.

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Drama, i. "The Fortune HuuVer. S ; ... Opera Uouse—Vaudeville, & p.m.. I. King's Theatre—"The Coward," 8 p.m.. I. Princess Theatre—Continuous Pictures.

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Twin screw. FROM. AUCKLAND FOR FLUFF. W.tnaha—Tnursnny. 1 Mil Kfl>. No c-rgL' can re received at. BZuff ... fast ball that kept low, Wilson being the victim.

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:^T^r^ephone3s-675^M7510EF ! AMUSEMENTS.” ... use in the Centennial Exhibition amusement park. ... S. C. Wright (Rereko- hua), J. Walsh (Happy Locanda) ...

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1lATTHE CHAMPERS, QUEEN-STREET. ' MEN'S CHRISTIAN ... tonafforded, as each branch of tanning moan. ... day tb«-In0.^0 abc7_jn«tloMd Coupon Mon.

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-IAX ACRES—10 Bcres upland, balance. J-Ut» flrst-claes idrained swamp;, ... 500 PEACHES, including Paragon, Up-to-. Date, Solway, Briggß,.Sea Eagle (im-. ".

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ALLIOPE RD., D««>nport (handy Vlc- torla Wharf)—Corner Section, House ... finish throughout, tiled nea-rths, grates and ranges, hoi water service, patent w.e.: ...

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feminine beauty are painlessly eradicated by my methods, and ... staff of commissionaires. But peace and ... Petone branch of the C.E.M.S. held its first open ...

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Um—then you don't agree as to liyprio hypno—tits— being what you may call genuine, sur?" Bob Kiddle ventured to ask. —the rest of the company sitting stonily.

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Poulton, Turner, Pickering, Sir Eobert. "Stout ... with South Australia, and Canada, and j the manner in which ... which, viewit as one may,oan only bey regarded ...

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"7'OI."XG Lady wishing to go to Van-. -*- couver or Canada, -would give services in return ... confession' to youat the fir&t favourable ... <praMiniPi] fhm not oni,-.

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20 Jan 2020 ... Herald, which had brought Hobson and his party to New Zealand. ... OBITUARY. SERGEANT ... copper, motor spirit, wood and wood pulp, and ...

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Percy, Stockhouse, Masters Roberts (2), and twelve steerage. Turawera—For the South. ... Telephone No. 712. Hours Bto 6. LYSAGHTS. ORB. BRAND.

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... (6 pieoes), 12a; Meat. Dishes, 8d; Padding Bowls, 3d; Pie; ... Addressed OKthNi', osrs of W, ißlnolair ... mandof one admiral Tug, and those who.

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Bcpietcr- Finn! Port, about rrr-*" ... Governor c Bay on Wednesdays and Satur- iays, meeting the coach ... Although heavy thunder showers passed over theltfortih ...

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either Canada or the United States. Specially Rkduced ... the owner's risk. Mr H. Tanner's 'Bus Trill moet the steamer ... Proparei Ca.ndida.tesfor University, Civil.

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Silver Wristlet WATCH. Finder please return to A. W. Amor, Rangiora. Reward. 7177 ... and Eglinton. Valley, 2 days, £4 15s extra cost). Cruise departs Friday ...

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14 Nov 2019 ... jf*mfc. M wrmmrnmfan^uM^mnmuaaaummMmmmwm. THE STAR. yRIDAYrNOVy ... Major, by Irwell Master—Daisy Russell, 26ga, v> Mr W.