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Death Of Mon signor D.R. Macdonald At 89. Ends 65 ... —Courtesy Standard-Freeholder. Another ... but we understand the announcement will be coming soon.

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29 Jun 2017 ... cottage at Lake La Plage, Quebec,. Mrs. William Hall had as her guests for a few days Mrs. Ray. Smalley of Edmonton, Alta and Mrs.

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“Are you in favor of releasing the thf ®rltlsh°f U*l8sue oi «*&****. Government from any ... may go to load, charging $3.60 per M. for haul- ing,. OUR BUYING IS ...

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The death of Francis McDonald,, a native of this area and ... Glen Rob., RC Ch. Base'mt Wednesday 1:30 Oct. 1 Oct. 29 Nov. 26. Dalkeith, Sep. ... of furniture and appliances. Died Suddenly ... Ohesley, Mount Forest, and others,. October 25th ...

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Dairy School Course at Kemptville ... His description of the menu is as follows: j ... Sam Rutherford of Vanklek Hill, i ning a Social Evening, open to the.

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-Jewson, of Manotick, field repre- sentative for the Dairy Division, ... McLeister's Rexall Drug Store. Notice To Creditors. And Others. INSURANCE. AGENCY.

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ALEXANDRIA, ONTARIO, THURSDAY, MARCH 14th, 1957. * *. SINGLE ... Cornwall. She was a' daughter of the late Dan D. McDermid and his wife, Catherine ... serving at the local depot for the past three ... fences, at front of farm. Contact.

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Death Of Mon signor D.R. Macdonald At 89. Ends 65 ... —Courtesy Standard-Freeholder. Another ... but we understand the announcement will be coming soon.

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port showed Glengarry s Jtotal su - i Mon(j evening's meeting of Town scriptions at ... Market PoF SaV€ PoWCf. Search for Oil ... his aunt, Mrs. C. McCuaig, Elgin St., Messrs Ernest and Clarence Ostrom Mrs W.'Diotte; Hawkesbury—Mr and'.

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Kemptville Agricultural School “Roy- «°ners- An interesting fact is, that al'' Show, held ... sleigh, piano box cutter, double wag. ... woven with the warp and woof of.

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ly returned to Canada after four years service overseas with the S.D. & G.,;. Highlanders and later with the R.C..;. C.S. Rudalph Villeneuve is attending the Grand ...

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Lancaster. Village is down 137. Though figures for Maxville Vil- lage have not yet ... lumber, coal and insurance busi- ... Montreal, Miss Jeanne D'Arc Rozon.

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THE FINEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER IN EASTERN ONTARIO. VOL. No. ... Tuesday, has made an optimist of her, so far ... The Glengarry News has always been.

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home, Monday, from overseas, to spend vea^h> while most of those under the Kemp. a month's leave with ... OBITUARY. MISS SARAH ... Dunvegan, the death1 erset street west, Ottawa. The busi- ... Miss Violet Kelly, teacher, at Mc-. Cormick ...

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services where alternate service was available. Mr. Dimn stressed tnat ... Marcoux & Morris Funeral Home. At Apple Hill ... Quebec City with her sister, Mrs. Clark attended the ... Albert Scarbeau of ShawVille, and ... Russ Hayes and his 8-piece ...

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(cut courtesy Cornwall Daily Standard-Freeholder) ... The death occurred on Tuesday,. May 3 ... Notices- 12 cents per line, first insertion; 8 cents per line subse-.

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home in Maxville, Monday, . April ' Pa ... administered to 635 Glengarry chil- funeral parlor. ... Kennedy, at Munroe's Mills. o ... Mr. and Mrs. Morris Racine and.

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A.H.S. Chit Chat ... stairs to chat with her mother when the roar of a- ... In Toronto in Japan. One sister, Miss Jennie Mc-. Rae of St. Raphael's also survives as.

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Relatives here learned last night that Capt. the Rev. Donald A. Kerr of Alexandria, is accompanying the. S. D. &, G. Highlanders who arrive at. New York today.

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necessary nails ^nd bolts. Whipple-* down St. ... Father McGuire, Brockville, oc- cupied the pulpit in ... formed in Shanghai alone since 1918? China is waking up ...

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1 Jul 2017 ... formerly under Dr. Laurier Carrière of Cornwall, but when his work load ... managed to break loose and find ... The railway caboose you see on.

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ing problems for future seaway build- Ben Stocks, .son-in-law), Ernie Soul a keen Interest In every worthwhile J Abrams, of Williamstown, Ont. to effort of the ...

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Lancaster. Cameron, Alexander (d. 1921), contractor. Alexandria. Cameron, Allan (d.1903), riverman, police chief. ... Rouleau, Roméo (d.1988), insurance man, mayor. ... Rozon, Rose-Anna (1880-1972), member of religious community.

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In 1786, Scottish Highlanders established Ontario's largest. Gaelic-speaking ... fence rows. 37. Martintown ... depot after the arrival of the Grand Trunk Railway in 1854 and became ... and Cornwall, and built a church in each place. St. Andrew's.

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The. Glen. THE FINEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER IN EAS TERN ONTARIO. 1942 ... of lack of civilian pbst-war leader- ... MORRISBURG BOYS' SILVER BAND.

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wart, Vankleek Hill; Mr. and Mrs. I the agent's poscition and in the mean-. Dougald McMillan, Glen Walter; Mr. time the being filled by Mr. and Mrs George ...

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Historical Society, PO Box 773, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, K6H 5T5. Telephone, 613 ... CHARLOTTENBURG was named after Charlotte, King George III's wife.

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or Direct in Cornwall 613-930-9000. Meeting by ... ALEXANDRIA RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA. 127 Main St S, ... Alexandria Roma's Pizzeria. 50 Main St S ..

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18613 CtyRd 18 ...............................528-7500. Shannoncourt Central Bark. 4931 NineMile...................................528-1262. Shaver L 18625 KenyonConc1..........528- ...

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ABERDEEN GIFT. 20346 Cannon St., S. Lancaster....347-1400 ... the Evangelist South Lancaster ....347-3804. Ansell J ... Rob McIntosh China & Crystal Shops.

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Serving Farms and Small Businesses in Eastern Ontario. Levon Kichian, B.Sc., D.D.S.. F Emergencies Promptly Treated F Advanced Technology. F Painless ...


sumed as soon as less severe weather permits. ... TWENTY YEARS AGO of Vankleek Hill, was celebrated. Friday, January 8th ... Canada Network of C.B.C.. ☆.

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27 Courtenay Place ... Italy's red Dolcetto grape makes good easy-drinking wines, and with ... Italy's white Cortese grape, biodynamically grown, hand-picked. ... William and Rachel it's all about low intervention and high expectations. 16508.

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and distributed by The Glengarry News ... historical records in eastern Ontario and contains the foremost col- ... 609 Pitt St. • Cornwall, Ontario • 613-937-0222.

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27 courtenay place. 385 9600 ... is a delicate yet self-assured rosé, flush with the blush of ... the monolithic Salon's little brother means you let your wine do the.

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16 Sep 2019 ... Fairview Road Extension (E. MacDonald). 55 - 58 vi. Approval of Job Description – Director of Parks & Recreation (E. MacDonald). 59 - 69 vii.