Miracles in Medieval Canonization Processes - Brepols Online

Later medieval theological definitions of the miracle followed the ideas of ... l'histoire de S. Yves, ed. by A. de La Borderie and others (Saint-Brieuc: Imprimerie L.

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Miracles in Medieval Canonization Processes - Brepols Online

Later medieval theological definitions of the miracle followed the ideas of ... l'histoire de S. Yves, ed. by A. de La Borderie and others (Saint-Brieuc: Imprimerie L.

Laments for the Lost in Medieval Literature - Brepols Online

He holds a PhD from the University of Toronto and has published extensively on ... pattern appears in the play entitled the Filius Getronis (Son of Getron). ... child sud li[e] in hay, | Sith he is Kyng | And mayd al thyng, | And now is powrest.

Medieval Liège at the Crossroads of Europe - Brepols Online

nity of St-Hubert generally known as the Cantatorium, composed by Lambert the younger ... their officers, and developed legal and communicational tools to express their ... Dolbeau, 'Quelques aspects des relations'; Lapière, La lettre ornée.

'Risus monasticus'. Laughter and Medieval ... - Brepols Online

'RISUS MONASTICUS'. LAUGHTER AND MEDIEVAL MONASTIC CULTURE. Umberto Eco, in his delightful novel The Name of the Rose, has his character ...

Narrative and History in the Early Medieval West - Brepols Online

Cuthbert as a child actually liked playing games with other children, but that is more or ... future he were to become emperor, he would make her his empress.

The Mirror in Medieval and Early Modern Culture - Brepols Online

Hélène Cazes ([email protected]) est professeur au Département de français de l'Université de. Victoria. ... perspicue reddit simulacra, vt vitru plumbo sublitum. ... possible by the specific nature of the papacy as an ecclesiastical elective monar-.

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... in at least five titles. This report he is joined by ḤASDAI CRESCAS and ELIJAH DEL MEDIGO. ... ragione: Elia del Medigo e l'averroismo di Spinoza. Macerata: ...

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144. XI Mass for the Holy Day of Epiphany. 147. XII Mass for the Assumption of the Blessed Mary,. Mother of Our Lord. 151. XIII Mass for the Feast of Saint Agnes ...

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Brepols has created a Latin environ- ment where we bring together recent Latin texts editions and Latin dictionaries: The cluster Brepolis Latin Complete gathers ...

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LA Musica Enchiriadis a joui durant tout le moyen âge d'une vogue extraordinaire, à en juger du moins par le nombre des. ·copies qui nous en sont parvenues, ...

Theorizing Old Norse Myth - Brepols Online

both of obvious importance — one is a definition of 'myth', the other is a defini- ... 34 bergmann, Rig's Sprüche (Rîgs mâl) und das Hyndla-Lied (Hyndlu liôd). ... Despite numerous occurrences of the term ON álfar, Oe Ælf, OhG Elfen or similar,.

Frisia and Frisians in the Viking Age - Brepols Online

between Frisians and Scandinavians in the Migration Period. ... emerges of Frisian-Viking relations, with Frisia as an intermediary between the Frankish and.

La 'Vie de sainte Isabelle de Portugal' - Brepols Online

préalable de la « province » portugaise au sein du royaume de León, attestée par le culte de saints propres au comtéportugalensis (saint Géraud de Braga.

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In case of a specific licence agreement between the Institution and Brepols. Publishers NV or in case of an unexpired licence agreement for any of the Brepolis- ...

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5.115972. Page 2. Page 3. 475. Paul Corby FINNEY (ed.), The Eerdmans Encyclopedia of Early. Christian Art and Archaeology, Grand Rapids, Michigan, William.

La date du voyage d'Égérie - Brepols Online

Égérie a la chance inespérée d'arriver là en la veille de la fête de S. Helpidius. (§ 20, 5) Hoc autem nobis satis gratum evenit ut pridie martyrium die ibi veniremus, ...

The birth of Late Antiquity - Brepols Online

Antiquity, and also as the beginning of he Middle Ages. Many. 4. This is the 'long view' of Late Antiquity. For A. H. M. Jones'. Later Roman Empire, Late Antiquity ...

The Development of the Idea of Involuntary Sin in ... - Brepols Online

man's flesh that the corruption was passed on from generation to gene ration by means of man's physical procreation. This inherited weakness of the flesh was ...

The Introduction of Christianity into the Early ... - Brepols Online

Participants: Alexandra Bergholm, Roy Flechner, Edwin Hustwit, Patrick Gleeson, ... 50 Meaney, A Gazetteer of Early Anglo-Saxon Burial Sites. A region ... tyrs Fuscien, Victoric et Gentien', Mémoires de la Société des Antiquaires de Picardie,.

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Hell: The Pleasure of the Suffering of Others from Visions ... en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Confessions_of_Saint_Augustine_(Pilkington)>. [accessed April 22 ...

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und vorgetragene Predigten (sermones dictati und sermones dicti)* 1. Auf der einen. Seite stehen also Predigten, die Augustinus schriftlich abfasste und für den ...

Laughter in Rabelais's Gargantua and Pantagruel - Brepols Online

Keywords: Rabelais, Gargantua and Pantagruel, utopia, New World, voyages of Columbus, Abbé of. Thélème, Land o f Cockayne, Northrop Frye, Mikhail ...

Sex and Power in Thebes and Babylon: Oedipus ... - Brepols Online

Scandalous incest stories were also associated with historical figures, such as Ugo of Lotharingia, Jean d'Armagnac, and various popes (including the father of ...

Objects, Environment, and Everyday Life in ... - Brepols Online

Hjermind, and Charlie Christensen (Højbjerg: Jysk Arkæologisk Selskabs, ... chairs, tables, and suchlike, which could be moved about a room (or house), but ... ping was caused by the stacking and movement of these vessels, or perhaps the.

Learning and Understanding in the Old Norse World - Brepols Online

Learning and understanding in the Old Norse world : essays in honour of Margaret Clunies. Ross. - (Medieval texts and cultures of Northern Europe ; 18). 1. Old ...

Hrotswitha's Dulcitius and Christian Symbolism - Brepols Online

RADITIONAL medieval scholarship has frequently classed Hrots witha's Dulcitius as a farce and it has essentially emphasized the ludicrous and comical ...

The primeval language and Hebrew ethnicity in ... - Brepols Online

positions in ancient Jewish and Christian Bible exegesis and apologetics in the topic of the primeval language, and (2) to explain how their claims in this topic.

Remarks on the Mythology of the Eyes of Horus - Brepols Online

h e Complexity of the Egyptian eye-myths which concern the gods Rer, Horus ... In Egypt the magical powers of the Eyes of Horus are vividly des cribed in the ...

Visions and Eremitic Vocation in the “Deserts” of ... - Brepols Online

Visons and Eremitic Vocation in the "Deserts" of the North. The Iconography of Insular Hagiography. UDK: 7.04:235.3(41)"04/14". Michelle P. Brown. 231.74.

Erasmus and the Renaissance Republic of Letters - Brepols Online

versaire de la naissance d'Érasme, Bruxelles, Bibliothèque royale Albert Ier, du ... 31 Si l'affirmation suivante d'Alphonse F. Van Iseghem est gratuite: 'Tout ce que les ... A clash of personalities and different conceptions of the new learning also ... 57 L'image des gemmes est employée par érasme lui-même dans son épître ...

Egyptian Scribes writing Greek - Brepols Online

Egyptian Scribes writing Greek. When the Arabs conquered Egypt in 642 A.D., they took over the admi nistration of the Byzantines and until the beginning of the ...

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est organisée en dix-huit articles dans lesquels le magicien avoue ses croyan ... d'obédience du royaume de France au pape d'Avignon Benoît XIII, à la suite ... constanciée dans une correspondance anonyme issue du cercle de Roger.

The Hebrew Bible in Aramaic Paraphrase - Brepols Online

Aramaic Bible manuscripts is intended to highlight the major features of this repository of ancient Jewish law, lore and language. As an example of the many ...

The Style of the Greek Historia monachorum in ... - Brepols Online

From September 394 to early January 395, seven monks from a monastery on ... 7 oEa T£ uiohç Yvr|aEouç xòv èauxrâv ixax£pa xòv Xpiaxòv HEQipÉvovTaç, f|.

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the most famous and successful of all European astrologers and made a good living reading the stars for the Stupor Mundi, Frederick II. Robert Grosseteste,.

Le parcours d'un prélat ligueur, Nicolas de Pellevé - Brepols Online

Nicolas de. Pellevé est établi comme le parangon même du ligueur, placé dans une position d'altérité irrémissible par Henri IV et ses soutiens. 1. Jacques- ...