2017 Environmental decisions - Port of Vancouver

New Westminster. B ... Floating Home at #8-750 South Dyke Road, New ... 25 Kingfisher Docks Ltd. on behalf of Ross ... New Westminster Dock - Pile Installation ... 17-232. 2017-08-31. 162 SNC-Lavalin Inc. Former Queensborough Sawmill ...

2017 Environmental decisions - Port of Vancouver - Related Documents

2017 Environmental decisions - Port of Vancouver

New Westminster. B ... Floating Home at #8-750 South Dyke Road, New ... 25 Kingfisher Docks Ltd. on behalf of Ross ... New Westminster Dock - Pile Installation ... 17-232. 2017-08-31. 162 SNC-Lavalin Inc. Former Queensborough Sawmill ...

2018 Environmental decisions - Port of Vancouver

The following list details environmental decisions made by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority for the period January 1, ... 17-401 3/16/2018. 25 ... House Transfer (2) from shore to barge in North Vancouver ... 167 John & Margaret Fitzgerald.

Environmental Impact Assessment - Port of Vancouver

13 Nov 2013 ... Westshore Terminals is an existing coal export terminal located at Roberts ... Modern energy efficient boiler systems for heating and hot water:.

Environmental Studies_CEP Hazardous ... - Port of Vancouver

21 Nov 2016 ... 2009-2015 AECOM Canada Ltd. All Rights Reserved. ... Canadian Environmental Protection Act. CMO. Centennial ... Penetrol-Penetrol Marine.

project and environmental review application ... - Port of Vancouver

This application guide was published in November 2017. It will be updated ... The port authority has determined that certain works and activities do not require a ...

Appendix O Environmental Site Assessment - Port of Vancouver

Ecolog ERIS Listing – 101 Bridge Road, West Vancouver, BC (LGSWWTP, ... Ecolog ERIS Listing – Burrard Inlet, Lions Gate Bridge (approximately 190m south-.

Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment - Port of Vancouver

7 Oct 2017 ... Berth 10. Substation. Potash Storage Building. Shiploader. Conveyor. Rail Car Unloading. Station. Shed 6. Catalyst. Shed 1. Shed 2. Bekaert.

Construction Environmental Management Plan - Port of Vancouver

2 Oct 2018 ... Burnaby, BC V5C 6S7 CANADA. Phone: 1 604 298 ... 41 and 175 Duncan Street in New Westminster, British Columbia. VFPA. Vancouver ...

2014 – List: Vancouver Fraser Port Authority ... - Port of Vancouver

31 Dec 2014 ... 2014-04-14 2014-04-22. 110 Harken Towing Co. Ltd. Pile Replacement at 2000 Argue Street, Port Coquitlam and Chatham Reach in Pitt River.

2018 – List: Vancouver Fraser Port Authority ... - Port of Vancouver

Neptune Bulk Terminals (Canada) Ltd. Berth 2 Wharf Upgrade ... Dredging to Deepen Berth 1 at Neptune Bulk Terminals ... Haney Water Main No. 2 and 3 scour ...

Port Phillip Bay Environmental Management Plan 2017–2027

The Victorian Coastal Council has responsibility for preparation of a framework to guide planning, management and sustainable use of the Victorian coast. At a ...


4 Jan 2011 ... Habitat Compensation project is provided in Section 3.1 of this report. 2.2. OPERATION ... Outline procedures to store and/or dispose of food, garbage and petroleum products in an ... Habitat for Humanity. Abbotsford ReStore.

east vancouver port lands - Port of Vancouver

This Plan was developed through a new working relationship between the BCA, ... Similarly, the Maple Leaf Storage site at 3001 Wall Street, bordering the CPR ...

Inclement Weather Grain Loading at Port Metro ... - Port of Vancouver

www.bcmea.com. The information in this brochure is intended to provide more information on feeder hold grain pouring options for grain loading during ...

2015 Port Emissions Inventory Report - Port of Vancouver

help reduce emissions associated with port activities, improve air quality, and lessen the impact of ... port users to develop an inventory of air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from marine, rail, on-road, non-road ... PORT. COQUITLAM.

Port Metro Vancouver - Port of Vancouver

17 Oct 2019 ... Aheer Transportation Ltd. MDW Express Transport Ltd. Amalgamated Transport Systems Inc. Olympia Transportation Ltd. AMK Carrier Inc. Orca ...

port information guide - Port of Vancouver

4 Jan 2016 ... PORT INFORMATION GUIDE – Source: Harbour Master Port Metro Vancouver - January, 2016. 1 ... Pilotage Act will reposition itself within the port without having a pilot ... Berthing of Non-Cruise Vessels at Canada Place.

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Coal Harbour ... - Port of Vancouver

5 Dec 2018 ... The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (RVYC) has proposed to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (port authority) a project to expand the Coal ...

Public Consultation Summary Report Vancouver ... - Port of Vancouver

15 Aug 2019 ... Expansion of Westridge Marine Terminal (WMT) in Burnaby, BC is part of ... noise limits under the City of Burnaby noise bylaws. Concern for ...

Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery Project ... - Port of Vancouver

10 Aug 2015 ... at YVR, either through the existing Trans Mountain (Jet Fuel) Inc. delivery ... Site Preparation: set up staging areas, drainage systems, and ...

Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery Project - Port of Vancouver

Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) manages the assessment of proposed major projects in British Columbia, ... 31.1 Construction Environmental Management Plan . ... The proposed Project would provide YVR with access to more.

Port terminals - Port of Vancouver

Cargo type: Dry bulk. Operator: Westshore Terminals. Limited Partnership. Community: Delta. Cargo: Coal and coke. Additional fact: Westshore Terminal is ...

port moody arm - Port of Vancouver

17 Sep 2018 ... Hourly Conformance with CCME Guidance . ... The proposed dredge is located in Port Moody Arm from the west side of Reed Point Marina.

Vancouver Airport - Port of Vancouver

3 May 2015 ... Prepared for: VANCOUVER AIRPORT FUEL FACILITIES CORPORATION ... Construction Environmental Management Plan. TABLE OF ... o Access road construction, including paving for inner perimeter road, parking and ... The TOC as defined by the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office.

Review of Environmental Factors - Port Authority of NSW

24 Jan 2018 ... Glebe Island by or on behalf of the Port Authority, for the ... Flyer distribution prior to the REF public exhibition to about 2000 surrounding ... Sydney Metro West project team and Port Authority of NSW have met regularly at.

Untitled - Port of Vancouver USA

27 Nov 2018 ... Elizabeth Gotelli. Ryan Hart. Scott Goodrich. Rachelle Berry. Abbi Russell. Mike Schiller. Mike Bomar. Julie Rawls. Port Commission President.

November 24 - Port of Vancouver

equal to a micrometre or one thousandth of a millimetre; 25 to 100 times thinner than a hair. ... THank you in advance for your consideration. Sincerely,. Chilliwack. -. 1 ... This report is viewed as nothing more than creating the illusion of having.

Fisheries Act - Port of Vancouver

999 Canada Place ... Oceans Canada (DFO) regarding "Authorization No. ... put in place to ensure compliance with the criteria to the satisfaction of DFO OREB.

4.5 TIMES - Port of Vancouver

underwater noise associated with shipping is something that can be mitigated. Options to ... Telephone: 44 (0)20 7735 7611 Fax: 44 (0)20 7587 3210 MEPC.1/Circ.833 7 April 2014 ... WHALES AND WHAT MARINERS CAN DO ABOUT IT.

An Environmental Strategic Plan for the City of Port Coquitlam March ...

nOiSE POllutiOn. Air, light and noise affect our health and well-being – essentially the quality of life that is valued by Port Coquitlam residents. Port Coquitlam ...

Port Hope – IT (2017) Self-Guided Walking Tour - Port Hope HBIA

Port Hope – IT (2017). Self-Guided Walking Tour. Photographs provided courtesy of Warner Bros. © WBEI. D – The Derry Public Library, also known as the Port ...

PER Guideline Transportation - Port of Vancouver

example, rail yards, truck staging and marine vessel berthing, should also be included within the facility ... graphical fashion for ease of review and validation.

meeting notes - Port of Vancouver

11 Jan 2018 ... Delta Community Office (5225A Ladner Trunk Road, Ladner). Located in ... Due to the depth constraints of the tunnel, pipe and cable crossings ...

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WESTSHORE TERMINALS. 10. 123° West. NAD 83. Universal Transverse Mercator. PMV Plan No. SHEET 32 of 32. H A R B O U R M A S T E R ' S O F F I C E.

MASTER: May 2019 - Port of Vancouver

29 Jul 2019 ... Access points including roadways, driveways, parking areas, walkways, berths, gangways ... Cascade Subdivision from Port Moody to Burnaby, British Columbia. Growth in freight volumes into ... Bert Flinn Park. (Port Moody).

Port of Vancouver 2016 fee document

Non working periods are presently Labour Day, noon Christmas Eve to Midnight ... Following December 31, 2016, the vessel operator's overall percentage of on ...