Feb 1918 - Aug 1918 - Connecticut Historical Society

Rear Admiral Francis T. Bowles. He Is Eating ... pie and informal at. Riled with the to ... ago were alai% ..gochIbited. ..- osrs- •. Mr. and IV AzAR-ADMIRAL KNAPP.

Feb 1918 - Aug 1918 - Connecticut Historical Society - Related Documents

Feb 1918 - Aug 1918 - Connecticut Historical Society

Rear Admiral Francis T. Bowles. He Is Eating ... pie and informal at. Riled with the to ... ago were alai% ..gochIbited. ..- osrs- •. Mr. and IV AzAR-ADMIRAL KNAPP.

City of Order Crime and Society in Halifax, 1918-35 - UBC Press

Two-pronged hook. I slap them, writhing still,. On paper, and cry beautiful darkness –. The baroque scream of a feeling. Hurt crows. Caw my sorrow better than a ...

Nov 1916 - Connecticut Historical Society

at the Arrc Mrs. Kellen. Electric. -ant Foss and ... day at Mrs A leased the hone of Dr. F. B. Greg- and and that ... 'spew sq mom sses-ed pa-ensJoj. - Attaig-t Mir.

by Hartford - Connecticut Historical Society

Royal Family and Lloyd George '.4glaill'aelit honored r. 3 y. Y ... from Phillips-Exeter Academy. ter. N! la, and from Harvard ... hats to marci. I to 'Phi- ra ... ien,rat. Henry Ha in New York, October n of David and Margaret le- rry. He was grautiated.

Nov 1920 - Feb 1921 - Connecticut Historical Society

6 Sep 2019 ... H. Plato, James Waters, WII- era ... rom the Chestnut Hill acridernYtidik w ... illic kart, son and heir of the sixth earl. 1191.' ... Littell of New York, Miss Beatrice is'tihe Mario ... i)om of the cottage is a raging and picturesque torrent.

Oct 1909 - June 1910 - Connecticut Historical Society

ceremony the wedding party entered the drawing ... party came up the aisle the wedding march from ... love a esteem of? P McLean o vf. 15. 4 br bit. Es:, gr. and denominations as h 1 ; '' p sas B, ... Can start a ripple in the down-stream or ! life. '.

The 1918 Flu Epidemic

An Introduction to the Spanish Flu. Page 6. The Spanish Flu came in Three Waves ... three-day fever, a cough and a runny nose, followed by a rapid.


que de la rentrée triomphale du roi Albert et des armées alliées à Bruxelles, le 22 ... au garde-à-vous jusqu 'à l 'heure de leur mort, des scènes picturales ... lion quatre cent mille Français. Vous vous ... streaming down the windows. November ...

Die k. k. bzw. k. u. k. Generalität 1816-1918

Benigni in Müldenberg, Siegmund Josef Thomas Heinrich Ludwig Graf von. (15.1.1855 ... Kálnoky von Köröspatak, Hugo Leopold Arthur Gustav Graf (2.6.1844 -.

province de quebec 1918

ET A T des recettes casuelles de la province de Québec, finissant le ... DIOn., Alexandre ........ " ommis, ... Et l'on peut ajouter qu'à défaut de la maman, la grande ... n'encourager à l'avenir la création et le maintien des jardins scolaires qu'aux.

Saanich 1918 Voters List

Winnipeg. Manitoba. 1. 162 Bryan. Bernard. 2642. Scott Street. Victoria. BC. 1. 163 Buckett ... Ethel Mary. Linden Avenue, Stanley Apartments Victoria. BC. 3 ... 457 Drury. Kenneth C. 348. Foul Bay Road. Victoria. BC. 4. 458 Drury. R. L.. 348.

The First World War 1914-1918 - historiasiglo20

Italia is still strongly linked to the Triple Alliance ... In the years before the war, the powers were forming military alliances to ... block that would fight in WW1.

Несоветские газеты (1918—1922 гг.)

55. ВЕСТНИК ТОБОЛЬСКОГО УЕЗДА: Изд. Упр. Тобол. уезда / За ред. Таубе. — 1919, 19 июня — [?]. — Тобольск, ...

CANADA AND THE FIRST WORLD WAR, 1914-1918 ... - QSpace

29 Aug 2017 ... WWI; Alliances; Causes; Propaganda; Conscription Crisis; Primary Sources; Trace; Women in the War; Canadian Soldiers; Commemoration; ...

canada and the great war, 1914 - 1918 - QSpace

25 May 2015 ... COURSE: CHC2D (Canadian History since World War I, Grade 10, Academic). OVERALL EXPECTATIONS EXPLORED: B2. Communities ...

1918: defining victory - Australian Army

Until Amiens, 1918 had been a year of unrelenting German offensive action on the Western. Front. With the elimination of Tsarist Russia from the war, Germany ...

1914-1918 La Grande Guerre - ONACVG

d'ordre "Ils ne passeront pas !". Pétain instaure le roulement des unités. Toute l'armée Française vient se battre à Verdun pour défendre la ville assiégée.

печатных изданий Русского Зарубежья 1918-1

Croisé, Jacques (Шаховская, З.А.). Jeu de massacres. – Paris : Bernard. Grasset, 1956. – 271 с. – (Rien que la Vie / sous la dir. H. Bazin). ф. 10025, оп. 2, д. 5.

La première Guerre Mondiale (1914-1918)

À l'issue de la guerre de 1870, la Prusse obtient le ralliement des tous les États allemands. Elle réalise ainsi l'unité ... Le début du conflit : un engrenage infernal. Le 28 juin 1914, ... l'après-guerre. Leur mouvement est réprimé dans le sang.

Battle of Amiens, August 1918 - Laughton.ca

The Attack on Hatchet Wood – Battle of Amiens, August 1918. By Richard Laughton. Lt. G. V. Laughton, M.C.. Trench warfare on the Western Front changed ...

The Demographic Links Between the 1890 and 1918 Influenza ...

27 Aug 2015 ... Welland as well as the towns of Orillia, Barrie, Midland, and Oshawa. Finally ... Marysborough, Nepean, Nottawasaga, Oxford North, Osprey, Puslinch, Pilkington, ... such as obituaries and family genealogies in future research.

Va (1877-1918) - Provincial Archives of Alberta

Calgary. 169 11 Van Wart Mary Mas Carbon. Yader David W algary 535 I Vanasse Mielia C. Contant. Van huven ... Vanwart Geo Weny drw Still 3946 Nace Horn.


Petty Officer Arthur Slade Summers Sansford6 Jul 1916. 207. Artificer Engineer Edward George Millett 16 Jan 1919. 269. Lance Corporal Wilfred Thomas Owen ...

Engineering Manufacturers 1918 - Surrey in the Great War

Motor car and engine repairs. 12966 686. LB-Kingston. Whitaker Ltd, RG. Ceres Road, Kingston- upon-Thames. 16. 4. Mine sinkers. Tank parts. Aero parts etc.

End of the Great War in 1918 and its Impact on London, Ontario ...

summarized in the following examples from a front page article that appeared on October 22nd in the London Free Press.3. New York Herald: To-day, as on the ...

American battle painting, 1776-1918 - MoMA

They are filled with the quiet, well observed reporting of the conscientious correspondent, whose note-booKS reflect the words of Walt Whitman's great inscription ...

Louis Bertren De Soudak 21.2.1852 - 20.9.1918 - ImWerden

в слоеном тесте; «шишлыки», или ягнята на вертеле, зажаренные на костре, сильно поперченные и приправленные в горячем виде пахучими травами.

Lexique des termes employés en 1914-1918 - Crid 14-18

hebdomadaire et dressaient pour cela une liste d'hommes choisis parmi leurs subordonnés. Connaissant ... Le terme prend souvent une connotation négative.

Весеннее наступление 1918 г. в воспоминаниях военной элиты ...

The German offensives of 1918. Stroud: Tempus, 2001; Stedman M. The German Spring offensive. L.: Leo Cooper, 2001; и др.

Albuquerque Morning Journal, 07-13-1918 - UNM Digital Repository

OfAL uun mill. London, July 12. A Dutch travel- er from Germany, says a dispatch from The Hague tii the XCxchange Tel- egraph company, declares the rumor.

The First World War lasted from 1914 to 1918 and pitted the Allies ...

9 Apr 2017 ... Canada's military history in the war began on August 4, 1914, ... The First World War Battle of Vimy Ridge is regarded as Canada's most ...

Magyar tudományos élet Erdélyben 1918-tól napjainkig

Magyar tudományos élet Erdélyben. 1918-tól napjainkig. A háború utáni években egyre több szó esett határokon innen és túl az erdélyi magyar irodalomról.

Ithaca Journal Obituaries and Death Notices Jan. 1, 1918 to Dec. 31 ...

1/24/1918) Death notices in 1/18/1918 and ... residents of Caroline (p.7, Caroline Center News). 1918 ... and former Justice of the Peace. ... Royal Arch. 45. 6/15/ ...

Album souvenir du Jubilé d'or : 1918-1968 - iucpq

PISCINE DU CAMP TASCHEREAU ... la~ge .P.~i"t_;Y.~~s -!~ur p,r-0gramm~ jo~r,nalie:, ~·e .même que la thérapie d'~~cupation. ... Lachance, Dr Paul-André.

Halifax Shipyards. 1918 - Saint Mary's University

12 Aug 1994 ... the population of Halifax by jobs created not only at the shipyard, but as the ... Catherine Waite, The Longshoremen of Halifax 1900*1930: The ...

The Canadian Attack at Amiens, 8â•fi11 August 1918 - Scholars ...

23 Jan 2012 ... By mid-1918, the character of the First. World War had changed completely from the relatively static previous three years of battle. In March, the ...