Hermann, Gerling and Dirks, 974). - Hindawi

(HYMENOPTERA: VESPIDAE). I. SPRING BEHAVIOR. BY HENRY R. HERMANNx AND TOBIAS F.DIRKS. Although the social biology of several polistine wasps ...

Hermann, Gerling and Dirks, 974). - Hindawi - Related Documents

Hermann, Gerling and Dirks, 974). - Hindawi

(HYMENOPTERA: VESPIDAE). I. SPRING BEHAVIOR. BY HENRY R. HERMANNx AND TOBIAS F.DIRKS. Although the social biology of several polistine wasps ...

Dirks QuTech TNO.pdf - ESA's Artes

8 Feb 2017 ... QUTECH/TNO. SPACE-BASED QKD TECHNOLOGY. DEVELOPMENT. ScyLight Workshop | Bob P.F. Dirks ([email protected]) ...

the DIRKS Manual - NSW State Archives - NSW Government

Strategies For Documenting Government Business: The Dirks Manual. 2 ... Source 3: Interview with head of Corporate Services, Bob Francis. 14/1/07. Fire Safety ...

i review - Hindawi

Rybakowski J and Weterle R (1991) Niacon test in schizophrenia and affective illness. Biological Psychiatry, 29, 834-836. Semin GR and Manstead ASR (1982) ...

Robotic Astronomy - Hindawi.com

29 Dec 2009 ... Multiple Depth DB Tables Indexing on the Sphere, Luciano Nicastro and Giorgio Calderone ... determined by means of our ORAS (ORbital Association ... sky flats taken at the Mont Sec observatory during dusk twilight,.

Love, Medicine and Miracles - Hindawi

His book 'Love, Medicine and Miracles' was brought to my attention by Dr Ghislain Devroede, for which I am very grate- ful. Perhaps I would never have read this ...

Thermal Spray Technology - Hindawi

7 Sep 2017 ... phases in the as-sprayed coating changed from c-Ni, Cr7C3, and Cr2B before ... materials for heat-resistant coatings on titanium and tita-.

Tower of London test - Hindawi

The early differentiation of Alzheimer's disease (AD) from frontotemporal dementia (FTD) may be difficult. The. Tower of London (ToL), thought to assess executive ...

Endoscopic colonic decompression - Hindawi

ABSTRACT: Colonic pseuJo-obscruction, or Ogilvie's syndrome, is charac- terized hy ... Division of Gastroenterology, The Wellesley Hospital, Toronto, Oncario.

BY IAN R. MACKAY black widows - Hindawi.com

Mackay. ItZidow Spider. :z37. Figures 1-8. Latrodectus rhodesiensis, n.sp. Figs. 1-3, left male palpus. 1. mesal view; 2. ventral view; 3. lateral view. Figs. 415 ...

Ebola virus disease - Hindawi

Correspondence: Dr Kevin B Laupland, Royal Inland Hospital, 311 Columbia Street, Kamloops, British Columbia V2C 2T1. Telephone 250-374-5111, e-mail ...

whole blood, plasma and serum - Hindawi

The substance concentration ofionized calcium (CCa2 ) in blood, plasma or serum preanalytically maybe affectedbypHchanges of the sample, calcium binding ...

Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for the ... - Hindawi

various analytical methods such as estimation of rabeprazole sodium in tablet dosage form3, simultaneous determination of rabeprazole and domperidone in ...

properties of binuclear rhodium(ii) complexes and their ... - Hindawi

2 May 2010 ... The complexes show rather low activity against E. coli. Introduction. Binuclear rhodium(ll) tetracarboxylato complexes [Rh(OOCR)4L]as well as ...

Unsedated transnasal endoscopy: A Canadian ... - Hindawi

17 Oct 2007 ... Gabor Kandel MD, Paul Kortan MD, Norman Marcon MD ... Correspondence: Dr Sarah Cho, Royal North Shore Hospital, Pacific Highway, ...

Theoretical Study of the Kinetics of the Pyrolytic ... - Hindawi

prescribed in MOPAC brochure were applied. Reaction path study was performed for the substrate using H7-Cl3 as reaction coordinate. By decreasing this bond ...

Prepuce: Phimosis, Paraphimosis, and Circumcision - Hindawi

KEYWORDS: prepuce, phimosis, paraphimosis, circumcision, preputioplasty. PREPUCE ... of the penis, avoiding the so-called “dog ears”preputialdeformity.

Medical Ethnobiology and Ethnopharmacology in Latin ... - Hindawi

12 Dec 2011 ... 97.1. Anchietea salutaris A. St.-Hil. Cip ó-suma column, blood ... the ecosystems in which they live and for the perpetuation of traditional medical practices. ... ckro ach. ,b arata. W ings and whole animal. A sthma and earache.

Modulation of Oxidative Stress: Pharmaceutical and ... - Hindawi

12 Jan 2016 ... Exercise Modulates Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Aging and Cardiovascular Diseases. Nada Sallam ... LDL isolated from arterial wall, and max. These drugs ... Shin et al. have reported that some specific polyphenols triggered ... [169] F. Ohtake, K.-I. Takeyama, T. Matsumoto et al., “Modulation.

Lifestyle, Quality of Life, and Health - Hindawi

15 Jun 2003 ... Ventegodt and Merrick: Lifestyle, QOL, and Health ... A philosophy of life based on the definition of point 1. 3. A theory that has this philosophy ...

Green Approaches to Corrosion Mitigation - Hindawi

2 Nov 2011 ... Corrosion Inhibition of Carbon Steel in HCl Solution by Some Plant Extracts, Ambrish Singh, ... Inhibitory Action of Artemisia annua Extracts and Artemisinin on the ... progress has been observed in recent years in fabrication of.

Selected Papers from the 4th International Conference on ... - Hindawi

12 Jul 2011 ... [31] G. Townsend, B. K. LaPallo, C. B. Boulay et al., “A novel ... [1] G. Russo and M. Di Bernardo, “How to synchronize biological clocks,” Journal ...

Analysis of fly fishing rod casting dynamics - Hindawi

Fly line loop generation, propagation, and line turn-over were simulated numerically. Flexible rod results were compared to the rigid rod case, in which the fly tip ...

Structural Health Monitoring for Civil Structures: From the ... - Hindawi

11 Aug 2010 ... from gatineau,” Tech. Rep. QUEBEC NRC REPORT A-7015.3,. National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada, 1996. [29] R. Z. Jackson and R.

Imaging Biomarkers in Translational Small Animal ... - Hindawi.com

13 Aug 2018 ... Daniel Deidda , Nicolas A. Karakatsanis, Philip M. Robson, Claudia Calcagno, ... FIGURE 1: (a) In vivo MR images of nude mice with MDA-MB-231 tumors after ... [44] B. Blouw, H. Song, T. Tihan et al., “ e hypoxic response of.

Soil Management for Sustainable Agriculture 2013 - Hindawi.com

11 Sep 2013 ... They were weighed, dried for 24 hours at 105. ∘. C in a drying oven, and weighed again to calculate the bulk density. 2.3. Data Analysis. 2.3.1.

Preparation of Crude Subcellular Fractions by Differential ... - Hindawi

13 Jun 2002 ... 1. Centrifugation of the nuclear pellet is very often carried out in a swinging-bucket rotor. (low-speed centrifuge) and all the subsequent ...

Tai Chi, Yoga, and Qigong as Mind-Body Exercises - Hindawi

22 Aug 2016 ... Montreal showed that a sixteen-week yoga intervention may be effective in decreasing stress and improving general well- being in first-year ...

Case Series Thoracoabdominal Approach for Large ... - Hindawi

20 Feb 2019 ... Siv Venkat , Andre Matteliano, and Darrel Drachenberg. Section of Urology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Correspondence ...

In search of the genes of asthma on the island of Tristan ... - Hindawi

population of Tristan da Cunha was evacuated to England where they remained ... there was only one survivor, Thomas Currie. remaining of this group when the ...

Functional development of the human gastrointestinal tract - Hindawi

gastrointestinal tract: Hormone- and growth factor-mediated regulatory mechanisms. ... Le développement fonctionnel du tractus gastro- intestinal humain : Les ...

The illicit sale of prescribed opioid medications in ... - Hindawi

few are well informed about the specifics of the street drug trade in their own locales. ... price estimates by obtaining data from many traders (1), but in the end, these studies rely ... higher relative price. A 2 mg Dilaudid tablet, for example, sells.

Resident trainees do not affect patient satisfaction in an ... - Hindawi

Mayur Brahmania MD FRCPC, Madison Young MD, Chetty Muthiah MD FRCPC, Alexandra ... Correspondence: Dr Mayur Brahmania, Department of Medicine, Division of ... at St Boniface Hospital, a tertiary care centre, located in Winnipeg,.

The Current Status of Microscopical Hair Comparisons - Hindawi

8 Dec 2001 ... Aitken and Robertson[25] have pointed out that, leaving such contentious issues aside, the studies of Gaudette and Keeping[21] and Gaudette[22].

Mechanical Model of Traditional Thai Massage for ... - Hindawi

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand ... In traditional Thai massage, the masseur/masseuse uses the palm, thumb, and fingers.

Review of laboratory and clinical studies of olestra, a ... - Hindawi

trL' ll1wcr 111 fat hut retmn thL' same ui,te and texturl' as full-fat coumerpan s. 22 Ad,11m MR, 1'v1tM.1h:111 MR, M,llts<llt. Fl I.<. 'larbon TB. rill' long· term.