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Hugo award for best fan artist) illustrates, if you asked. Santa for those super ... on Armor of the Far East by Michael Kluever to your liking will be glad to see his ... But, even though D&D is a great game, THE DRAGON is not just for ... We plan to exhibit at ORIGINS, Michi- ... the age group he is interested in moderating for,.

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Dragon Magazine #247 - Annarchive

11 Mar 1998 ... bly would have decided that the breath ... spell, else it is chosen at random among first-level spells. ... Mystra's Chosen might even find them-.

Dragon Magazine #241 - Annarchive

of the GREYHAWK® setting, now available as player characters. Page 38. Modron Magic. Monte Cook. The modrons are on the march again, and just look at ...

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collective symbols or characters for ... the D&D game system and the AD&D game line as well! ... 6, P.O. Box 295, Station M, Halifax, N.S., Canada B3J 2N7.

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9 Feb 1991 ... A unique facet of this game is that a character's basic attrib- ... is the CYBERPUNK 2020* game, by R. ... another table with a white sheet cover-.

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views of the character races in the AD&D™ game. ... Science and fantasy — A quiz for players and DMs . ... Alignment — New definitions for AD&D gaming .

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chance that DRAGON will include a game in TD#7, our first anniver-. How Green Was My ... guarded). The lairs of good witches will be protected by ordinary manual traps, ... lair a witch coven has use of all portable magic items in their treasure hoard. It is advisable to ... queen in Angalore, and that's about ten centuries ago.

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As promised, this month we have the official errata and addenda for. AD&D. Those of you ... fully with other parts of D&D, AD&D and other created when the two ...

Dragon Magazine #109 - Annarchive

Two new half-breeds for the AD&D® game universe ... tion calendar, and the World Gamers Guide, to name a few. ... Gamers Guide, DRAGON® Magazine,.

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2 Mar 1985 ... tiny coastal land of Scardale (so named because it lies within a long river gorge, or. “scar”), raised armies to conquer the sur- rounding Dales ...

Dragon Magazine #39 - Annarchive

World History of Faerie. Whatever contributes to the hero's growth toward nobility is good; whatever contributes to his regression is evil. If he does something ...

Dragon Magazine #58 - Annarchive

D&D® game in the first place, but now it is being ... Now, the only result of a D&D game ... Why is the dwarven deity Moradin non-psionic while dwarves can be?

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2 Apr 1989 ... Creative ways to roll dice, measure movements, and enrage your friends. 2 4 Cheating ... by the editors of DRAGON Magazine and, except for minor editing ... TREKFEST, 640 White Street, Belleville IL 62221; or call: (618) ...

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4 Oct 1989 ... 78 Darkest Secrets — Marcus L. Rowland. There are ... Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide. It struck me ... shrine, and the accounts of the communi- ties and ... Shambler from the Star,” makes it quite clear that De ...

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2 Jan 1993 ... TSR Ltd. For a free copy of the current catalog that lists available back issues, write to either of the above addresses. Submissions: All material ...

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suggested that monks receive six-sided dice for their hit dice instead of four- sided dice. This is to cure the monk's hit-point disadvantage. Armor class, attacks ...

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2 Nov 1994 ... TSR's castle had three gargoyles, a smoke-breathing drag- ... —a black-hafted battle axe, decorated ... a breechcloth, and chain mail for the tail.

Dragon Magazine #28 - Annarchive

warmongers, intent on world destruction, or some sort of blood and ... fantasy, and many think that we are a bunch of hopeless Walter Mitty- ... VF. (2). Adjustment For ACTUAL Armor. First Shot Determination. Modifier ... REFERENCE: People of the Talisman and The Secret of Sinharat ... and rally them at a small stream.

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and mockingbirds dart around the high ... The tip of the monster's tail ... Game tips. 1. When you come into a strange town for the first time, look in every nook and ... price tag, but others that required less work might be. Mithril Ltd. Macroom. Co.

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4 May 1990 ... Guidelines, c/o DRAGON Magazine, as per the above address; include sufficient ... Robe-4, Adamantine Gloves-3, Luck Shield-. 3, Elf Cloak-3, ...

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2 Dec 1987 ... Evaluation: SKYREALMS OF JORUNE is a wonderfully original and inspiring. FRPG campaign setting. On that basis alone, it is certainly a ...

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4 Jun 1989 ... 1 4 Dragons Are Wizards' Best Friends — David E. Cates. Four new familiars with exotic ... Though crystal drakes enjoy a good joke, they play their tricks only ... Pathfinder: allows far easier maneuver- ing through forests, but ...

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we published a “Dragon's. Bestiary” column ... sive weapons mixed with precious metals, use naturally ... Lost City; its origin is unknown, but it is thought to be of ...

Dragon Magazine #61 - Annarchive

12 May 1982 ... The real wizards are the writers and ... Gnomes are the next object of scrutiny in Contributing Editor ... van Wildwanderer, the forest gnome.

Dragon Magazine #124 - Annarchive

2 Aug 1987 ... Kocraa — God of the Aarakocra — Christopher Jones. A brief word ... Brock Sides. Moscow ... but it may only breathe when the dice roll given in ...

Dragon Magazine #163 - Annarchive

4 Nov 1990 ... Hedge Wizards — Gregg Sharp ... Hedge wizards are usually low-level mages ... Ring will not work if its wearer is clad in metal armor. Ring has ...

Dragon Magazine #250 - Annarchive

When there is a need to penetrate armor, the sword cannot beat a polearm. ... move in water at a rate of 36. They have no movement or attack penalties when in water and receive. Mage. 5 ... (wizard) hedge wizard, humanoid are slightly larger ...

Dragon Magazine #67 - Annarchive

installment of his descriptions of the deities and demigods of the WORLD OF GREYHAWK™ Fantasy Setting: another of his regular Featured Creatures columns; ...

Dragon Magazine #45 - Annarchive

ingredients necessary for each potion as the need arises. It should be. Water. Alchemists in this ... 2 Potions: Clairaudience, Diminution. 2 Potions: Growth, ESP.

Dragon Magazine #94 - Annarchive

2 Feb 1985 ... gibberling ogre gnoll ogre mage ogrillon orc quaggoth tasloi troll xvart. Have fun tracking and fighting! The ranger's weapons. Of the ranger's ...

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The Magazine of Fantasy, Swords & Sorcery, and Science Fiction Game Playing —. Vol. III, No. 12 June, 1979 ... Giants in the Earth — fictitious heros . ... The Pr'eta is the soul of a suicide who to go to his rest must kill a replacement. He has an ...

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Yellow. 10%. 70%. 0. 20%. This percentage means that any particular dragon casts ALL ... came across an interesting article about the use of Tesseracts in D&D.

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Dragon Rumbles: Guest editorial by E. Gary Gygax . ... When the D&D game project is completed, Frank and Fran- ... A yellow dragon would be much smaller.

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DRAGON Magazine can be purchased from the. Dungeon ... that the raw materials for such a blaze will have to be ... Archery: Use of this skill (by any char-.

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4 Mar 1990 ... into any sort of fairy except a faerie dragon, sylph, satyr, swan- may, or ... tives are none other than the descendants of the ancient Oceani- ans!

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DRAGON is a registered trademark of TSR, Inc. ... Material published in DRAGON® Magazine does not neces- ... great-a player character template for a serial ...

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13 Music of the Forgotten Realms — Ed Greenwood ... The joys and horrors of fantasy calendars. ... and campaign to the Forgotten Realms, would it be possible ...